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Jenny Beck2 months ago
Hearing With Your Heart
Deaf. Hard of hearing. Unilateral hearing loss. Bilateral hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss. Some of these terms may be confusing to you. After all, hearing loss is hea...
Rebecca Weaner2 months ago
The Side Effects of Ingesting Caffeine
Waking up in the morning can be a challenge for many people. If it wasn’t for the glorious gift of coffee, many of these people would be nearly unable to function. People spend hundreds of dollars eac...
Maddie A.2 months ago
Tips To Kickstart A Healthy Lifestyle
5 Simple Tricks to Fit Your Busy Schedule
Braulio Fernandez2 months ago
You Wouldn't Have Noticed an Eating Disorder
Out of the many types of eating disorders that people have, I rarely see it discussed in the light that I would like to bring it to. Some people struggle with being unable to control their portions, w...
Michelle Schultz2 months ago
What It's Really Like to Live with Epilepsy
I tell my dad I don't feel good and walk into my room. I feel a rush of cold water run through my body and my stomach tightens. I know it's coming, but there's nothing I can do to stop it. I wake up i...
Cindy Montalvo2 months ago
Do I Need a Root Canal?
I’m often surprised how many people visit their dentist and recount, they were told they need a root canal. why? As in what’s the reason behind the procedure? Most patients say they don’t know. The fo...
Courtney Elizabeth2 months ago
Hashimoto's Disease
Have you ever felt tired? Not normal tired, but really tired. As a kid, I had sooo much energy! I was always full of life and ready to party! But as I got older, like teenage age, I noticed how fast I...
Angela Fausone2 months ago
How Late Is Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot?
It’s well into November and signs of the flu are starting to pop up everywhere we look. Sneezing and coughing is starting to run rampant in the office, while headaches and waves of fatigue are on the ...
Misha Alsleben2 months ago
Drop Soda for Good
Soda, for some it's the carbonation for others it's the sweetness. Regardless, one thing all soda lovers can agree on is that it's increasingly difficult to stop drinking it once you've developed a ha...
Elizabeth R.2 months ago
Alba Botanica Products Are Not Actually That Great for You
Alba Botanica is a natural beauty brand sold at places from Target to CVS, the Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods. From their name—botanica, derived from the Ancient Greek word for pastures and greenery—t...
Alana Redmond2 months ago
Shedding Light On Daylight Savings
Daylight savings time transitions effect 1.6 billion people worldwide every year. The extra hour of sleep seems to be the only perk of daylight savings ending. Recent studies show that when daylight s...
amber hatfield2 months ago
The Journey Begins
When the journey had only begun I can remember it was warm outside, maybe July or August. I came in from swimming one day, and taking off my bathing suit, I realized how weird my stomach had started t...
Tuesday Styx3 months ago
A Cyst, Cancer, and a Hysterectomy at 32
When I told people about my experience of being taken into hospital in April with severe abdominal pain so many of them told me that I must have been scared. Having an ambulance sent out to me at 3:30...
Taylor Hansen3 months ago
The Rarest of Them All
Last summer of 2017, I was diagnosed with something not everyone knows about. It is called "Evans Syndrome." "What is Evans?" you may ask. Well, Evans Syndrome is an Autoimmune Disorder where your own...
Matt Junghans3 months ago
The Health vs Beauty Epidemic
*Cracks knuckles* *Stands on soapbox with megaphone* THE SHAPE OF YOUR BODY AND HOW MUCH MUSCLE OR FAT YOU HAVE ON IT IS NOT ABOUT BEAUTY! It's 2018, we have access to MILLIONS of outlets to rant and ...
Meaghan O'Connor3 months ago
I'm a Grenade: Part 1
I became dangerous when I was 13 years old. I was ready for a fresh start in high school. I was ready for dating. I was ready for fun. I was ready to start this new journey. But I wasn't ready for wha...
Mary Yarwood3 months ago
Gluten Put My Life on Hold
I was never a healthy child, constant colds and infections and endless visits to the doctors only to be told it was “just viral.” My life has always revolved around the weak efforts of my immune syste...
James Kopniske3 months ago
What Is Your ACL?
A torn ACL. Unfortunately, it's something you hear all too often in the world of sports. Maybe you've had a friend or teammate deal with this injury. You know it can be painful. You know it can stop y...