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Grace Hatton5 hours ago
A Glimpse into Epilepsy
In my four years of medical schooling, one of my stand-out conversations and lessons learned was from a consultant neurologist, working within the mysterious field of brain disorders. He did not so mu...
Claire Peters5 days ago
What Is Tinnitus?
For millions of Americans, the world is never totally quiet. If you hear a ringing or buzzing in your ears—whether it is a faint and distant sound, or a constant annoying presence—then you may be amon...
Tobias Gillot5 days ago
3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Oral Health
You may not realize it, but oral health is a significant indicator of overall well-being. The Mayo Clinic reports that conditions like heart disease, premature birth, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more ...
Amelia Grant5 days ago
Is Your Man Looking After Their Smile?
Apparently, it is a real thing and is where men tend to assume that they are invincible, and they don’t really need to take good care of their bodies. Men with this syndrome tend to ignore signs that ...
Amelia Grant5 days ago
Save Your Motor: 9 Products That Are Good for Our Heart Health
The heart is the main organ in our body, a smooth running mechanism, which is the foundation of the fullness life. It’s the reason to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat useful foods, which helps to su...
Aithein Healing5 days ago
Looking to Learn Ayurveda in India? Aithein Has You Covered!
Ayurveda is one of the ancient medical sciences of India. Recently, Ayurveda is getting a lot of acclaim from practitioners all around the world and they are working on understanding the ways and mean...
Rich Monetti7 days ago
If You Can’t Get Back to Sleep After Waking Up, There Are Solutions
If rising from your bed begins a race every day that never has you catching up, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out why hitting the pillow after the daily run around also leaves you at a loss. "If you'...
Megan Long9 days ago
A Total 180
This was not how she envisioned her life going. The exact opposite, more like. When she was in high school, she had a plan. Hopes and dreams. She felt like the world was just waiting for her to reach ...
Madison Rheam10 days ago
Vaccinating Children
Many lives are taken by diseases that could have been prevented if only they’d had the vaccination. Vaccinating children is important, because it keeps our society clear of diseases that were consider...
Loki 14 days ago
A Glimpse into Chronic Insomnia
Living with chronic insomnia can be torturous. It is an emotionally numbing yet simultaneously neurotic existence that can be physically painful, You lie in bed with your softest blanket, the room sme...
Eliza Faye16 days ago
A Life of Limitation: Celiac Disease
My brother is my best friend and our bond is irreplaceable. Between our parents’ divorce and the many cancers our family faced, we always seemed to fight our battles together. This year is not an aver...
Lori Brizius16 days ago
Living with Diabetes
As a parent, we naturally want to protect our children from the world. We want to be there to comfort them and shield them from any harm that comes their way. But, what if that evil presence comes in ...
Mikah Moore 19 days ago
Where Do They Want to Go?
I started to get these weird sensations in my legs and suddenly I'll have to flail them around so that it'll stop. Okay, well, maybe not flail (that's what I used to do), but more like move them enoug...
Amelia Grant21 days ago
Microtechnology Research Could Help Dental Implant Healing
After this stage of healing is completed, the dental implant dentist can attach something called an abutment to the implant post, and which is used to support the new implant tooth. An implant is a st...
Letizia De Luca22 days ago
The New Liquid Gold
Hasn't been too long since I last wrote about a miraculous mushroom. But, if we take a quick look back at the Ancient Greek period, one of the most influential figures, Hippocrates quotes is, "Let thy...
sa re23 days ago
I Wish I Had Been Forced to Eat More as a Child, and Here's Why
As a child—my aunt told me—I could be found with half an avocado and a spoon running around my house, or with mango smashed all over my face. I had a taste for food, I had energy pouring from my ears,...
Jason A23 days ago
Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief
Whether spring is in the air or the leaves are changing colors in the fall, millions of people suffer from the discomforts of seasonal allergies. Some of those symptoms often include the “greatest hit...
Daniel Gartlan24 days ago
Should You Pre-Treat Before Chemo and Radiation?
So what is this pre-treating I speak of? Actually, it is of my own creation. I have to believe that all of us have lost someone very close to us to cancer. Or, more likely we lost them to the chemo an...