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Ada Zuba4 hours ago
Biking to School Changed Everything
I had graduated from university just last year. I decided to pursue a different career path, so I am now at a different post-secondary known as Bow Valley College in Calgary. It has been six months si...
Arrany Spencea day ago
The Knee Sock Revolution
Let’s all just take a moment and appreciate the individuality of modern fashion. What does that have to do with health? In my life, so very much. I've always been kind of a weird kid. Ever the optimis...
Rizwan Ahmed6 days ago
No More Fungus, at Least on Your Toenail
Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis in scientific terms, is a condition wherein an off-white colored spot is formed on the toenail. Being a quite common condition, it affects many people every...
Karina Layman8 days ago
What Planned Parenthood Is Really About
Planned parenthood is in constant criticism because of a small part in what they do for women. That small part does, however, offer a choice that can change a woman’s life forever, a choice that is ve...
Aaron Dennis8 days ago
Wash Your Fruit Unless You Want Herpes
You’re sick. You have a cold, the flu, herpes, whatever. You feel like crap, but you need groceries. Before you leave the house, you use the can, but let’s be honest, you didn’t wash your hands when y...
Kevin 9 days ago
Life Hacks to Keep You Healthy
A few tips and tricks to keep you looking and feeling good
Kiran R10 days ago
How to Take Care of Your Gut When You Are Pregnant?
If you are pregnant, you need to have a diet full of healthy nutrients and vitamins. It's important to take care of your body in such a way that the nutrition passes to your baby. It's also vital to t...
Miss D.10 days ago
Livin' with Lupus
There I am, scars and all. I used to be really conscious of the scars. I would fret about not being perfect and about being judged. Then I realized those who judge have a lot bigger issues than lupus....
Scott Lavely11 days ago
Is Childhood Obesity Being Helped or Worsened?
Childhood obesity has been on the rise for years now; we are seeing more and more obese kids because parents are teaching their kids more about McDonald's and Burger King than about fruits, vegetables...
GLAUX CHEM®11 days ago
6 Ways Omega-3 Fatty Acids Boost Your Body Every Day
Omega fatty acids are good for you and critical to your well-being because they provide support to your cells and membranes. Chances are your doctor or nutritionist has told you to eat more of the goo...
Paisley Hansen12 days ago
Why You Should Care About Your Nails
Most people do not think about their toenails or their fingernails. If they are treated badly, they can cause issues. If not paid attention to, several health issues can be missed. Care is actually si...
Paisley Hansen12 days ago
How to Use Protein Powder in Every Meal
Regardless of your objectives, protein is an essential component. Whether it is gaining muscle or losing weight, accomplishing those goals takes time and energy. The more energized you are, the better...
The Current Ebola Crisis
Ebola has developed a major threat to mankind in recent years. Although the virus has been present and familiar to science since its discovery in 1976. The risk of a worldwide epidemic has increased g...
Isla Wright13 days ago
Dental Care: 4 Ways to Have a Perfect Smile
Even though there might be truth to that, there are other, more important steps that you should take if you want to have a perfect smile. Here are some tips on how to keep your teeth healthy and your ...
Mia Morales14 days ago
Healthy Lifestyle Changes for a Happier Life
Pushing through the depression and ruts in life and making changes to achieve a happier life
Miranieva Buen14 days ago
Drug Dependence and Multiple Sclerosis
The day they told me I had Multiple Sclerosis was perhaps one of the worst days I've ever had. Having a chronic autoimmune disease changed my life forever. Not only did I have to give up on a dream, b...
Rebecca Gannon14 days ago
Grieving for a Body That You Can't Ever Return to
Three years ago I was diagnosed with a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). I'd gone from dancing three or four times a week to much less exercise and my body didn't ag...
Sarah Trmmr16 days ago
3 Months Without Sugar
Consuming sugar produces more insulin. Insulin is a hormone from the pancreas, which lowers blood sugar levels, and directly or indirectly affects many metabolic reactions. Since sugar is a carbohydra...