Fitness regimes, advice, and trends in the Longevity health and wellness sphere.

Megan Mesco8 months ago
Getting Back Together with Gym
Life can often take some crazy, unexpected turns which can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Maybe you've moved to a new area or have gotten a new job. Whatever it may be, it has totally thrown off your...
David M8 months ago
5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Calisthenics
Let's face it. Few people actually WANT to work out. Even the people who have done it for decades with a fervor that few would understand have days more often than not where working out feels like a n...
Michaela Weiss9 months ago
How to Get Abs/In Shape
So I am 14 and so far I have a two pack of abs. I have been working out for six months. I will tell you how I got this far. I kept my same weight, which is 98-100 pounds. You can still get in shape wh...
Bryce Eckerd9 months ago
Beginner's Guide to the Gym
What's up my fellow bros or bro wannabes. My name is Bryce Eckerd and I am going to teach you how to become the ultimate gym bro so you can get your Ph.D. in science… BROSCIENCE!!!
Lynn Hamieh9 months ago
9 Effective Workouts That Are Pure Fun!
Now, personally, I love to have fun and I'm pretty sure you do. How many times have you seen yourself just slaving away at the treadmill, only to think something among the lines of "Oh screw this!" ? ...
Zellie Wicker9 months ago
Beachbody: Cult or Family?
"Beachbody." So many people cringe when they hear that word. Why? Because it has definitely become known as a cult or something that should be avoided at all costs. For those that don't know what Beac...
Jj Rojas9 months ago
Geek Fitness: Level 2
How valuable is your time? Would you rather get a great work out in to rush back home to slay some dragons? Or would you prefer to spend 2 hours in a gym to notice that your FUPA hasn’t gone away at t...
Jj Rojas9 months ago
Geek Fitness: Level 1
Why should I care? Why am I doing this? Those are both excellent questions when approaching your personal health. This is putting appearance aside, that will be covered in another Geek Fitness post. I...
Pat Cooper10 months ago
Easy Morning Workouts You Can Do at Home
It's never easy to get out of bed in the morning. However, to some people, it's the best time to work out, since you tend to have less energy after a busy day at the office. Hopping out of bed and wor...
Mark Ludas10 months ago
Men Who Hate Their Bodies
In the fitness industry where I work as a personal trainer, there is a lot of pressure on men to grow copious amounts of muscle for no other reason than to be the biggest and best. It has little or no...
Alexander Larkin10 months ago
Fixing Your Workout Playlist
Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, fitness professional, or certified to give fitness advice in any way. I am also not a professional music critic. I remember in early 2013, when I joined a ...
High Reps or High Weight?
As you can tell by the photo, I love lifting heavy! It is simply what I enjoy. How is it the most beneficial way to workout? Is it superior or inferior? Am I wasting my time? Damaging my body? Well, t...
Rhys Morgan10 months ago
3 Killer Ways to Fire Up Your Workouts
Working out is HARD. It requires consistent dedication to the cause both in and out of training sessions. It also requires variation in order to continue seeing growth and progress. Your body quickly ...
Rhys Morgan10 months ago
Weight-lifting vs Calisthentics
In recent times the fitness world has experienced a cataclysmic boom in the number of people delving into it. Being healthy has become (almost) the cool thing to do—with people taking very different a...
A Jackson10 months ago
Mind + Motivation= Success
There are many aspects of being healthy. There's how well you eat and how often you exercise, but there's also how you think. Many people face mental roadblocks when trying to reach their fitness goal...
Carolann Sherwood10 months ago
Marathon Runners and Exercise Training Require Wise Food Choices
The most critical first step before running any race is to get your doctor's approval.
Nicole Allena year ago
You Still Have Time to Start Your Summer Body Goals—Here's Your Free Home Meal Plan & Workout Routine
Haven't reached your aummer goals yet? Don't you worry. During the month of May, you still have time to tone up and make some real progress before your vacation in June or July! Or even get started on...
Why It Is So Important to Listen to the Warning Signs When Training
Two weeks ago, I tore my hamstring tendon right at the top where the tendon attaches to the bone. I have injured myself before—I hurt my left hamstring at a pole show in Oslo last year, but I push thr...