Fitness regimes, advice, and trends in the Longevity health and wellness sphere.

Josh Pt6 months ago
Getting Started with Home Fitness
Working out in your own home can be great, especially if you are just starting. Personally, I love working out at home. I have my own mini gym with only a couple of things, but I love how easy and qui...
Living The Dream6 months ago
10 Fitness Myths Debunked
What you are getting into: an eight minute read that will hopefully change your views and help you overcome these myths!
Josh Pt6 months ago
Online Personal Training
With the online world growing massively in the past few years it makes sense that many businesses have gone online. So it only make sense for personal trainers to join in. Online personal training is ...
Spencer Dupuis7 months ago
Get Fit! Just Do It!
Tips on How to Lose Weight and Benefit from a Workout
Michael Duong7 months ago
Everything You Need to Know About Dumbbells
One of the easiest fitness equipment to use, and the most common, are the dumbbells.
Andrew Stephenson7 months ago
Having Consistency on Your Fitness Journey
It isn't usually the case that people are training incorrectly to achieve their goal. Usually it is a matter of how consistently they are training with 100 percent effort and motivation. A day off her...
Noah Mooney7 months ago
How to Reach Your Fitness Goals
I haven't always been in good shape, I used to be really insecure about my body and how I looked. In February 2017, I decided to change that and turn my body into the body that gave me confidence and ...
Nicholas Porter7 months ago
Starting Archery?
So, you want to try shooting the ol' bow n' arrow, huh? Great. With the expansion of hunting all across America, more and more people seem to be reverting back to our ancient roots and are trying to l...
Shealyn Sepulveda8 months ago
Fitness Tips to Rid Your Life from Anxiety/Stress
Hey, it's Shea! :) Today I would like to discuss fitness, which is another way to reduce stress and anxiety. Not only does working out reduce stress and anxiety, it also makes you feel good and better...
Why I Soul
Why I Soul... As an avid Soulcycler, there are things I constantly hear a) Holy shit that's expensive b) Is that the nightclub on a bike thing? c) Wait, YOU GO AT 6 IN THE MORNING!? "Oh my god, she's ...
Travis Ross8 months ago
How to Train for Marching Band!
So it's that time of the year again. Birds are chirping, the breeze is nice, and band camp is approaching. You've been waiting all year for this moment, but you forgot to train. Well, don't worry, I'v...
Charmaine C8 months ago
60 Miles in 60 Days (Week 1)
Week 1 I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while and I thought it was time since I had just finished my third Nike Running App programme with little success. The goal was to complete 12 miles ...
Emily Frank8 months ago
No Gym... No Problem
I used to work at a gym back in my hometown; therefore, I had a free membership and access to a gym whenever I wanted. Even at Texas Tech there was an amazing gym I could workout at whenever I wanted ...
Melody Humby8 months ago
10 Incredible Tips to Help You on Your Fitness Journey
People struggle with losing weight all the time. There is no simple secret to success because everyone's body is different. The important things to remember when trying to make healthy lifestyle chang...
Shanice Harrison9 months ago
8 Cheap and Fun Ways to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym
Are you someone who wants to get fit but doesn't have either the time or money to regularly go the gym? Or do you have a gym membership but rarely use it? Or is it that you secretly hate the gym but f...
Ace Hessy9 months ago
Get Fit - 5 Easy Steps
LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS... In all honesty, I named this post “Get Fit – 5 Easy Steps” because “Fitness for People who are Allergic to the Gym and Unwilling to Give Up Pizza” was too long of a title...
Julie 9 months ago
How Does Lifting Weights Make Me Different?
In the gym there are some females who are lifting weights who are showing up all the males and proving to themselves they are awesome. If you want to get in shape, lift weights. It boosts your metabol...
Tamara Iwanchyshyn9 months ago
6 Easy Ways of Being Active Without a Gym
I have been struggling with getting enough exercise into a busy life, and that means there is no time to go to the gym. Not to mention that those memberships are expensive. Here are some ways that I h...