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Not Important4 months ago
Stuck Indoors
Pilates has been going great! I really am surprised by how much I am enjoying it. I have days I wake up feeling sore and it's hard to move, especially my abdominal muscles. I have a few areas I am tar...
Patty McDaniels4 months ago
Treadmill vs Rowing Machine - Best Home Gym Workout Equipment Debate
Most of you probably think about buying a workout machine for your use at home. Although there are several options open for you, two of the major considerations are a treadmill and a rower. Experts fr...
Mimo le Singe5 months ago
Motivational Talk for the Not-So-Motivated
Human hibernation has commenced, that time when we would all much rather snuggle up in our cozy beds and watch our favorite sitcoms after our daily struggles to survive in the big world. The problem w...
Not Important5 months ago
Challenge of the Month
January was a challenging month for me, trying to find motivation every day to get up out of bed before noon and put my lazy out of shape body and muscles back to work! I probably failed more times th...
Kay Deschain5 months ago
Being a Runner Is Awesome
Running is the best thing ever. You don't need any expensive equipment, other than a sports bra (maybe two, no one wants to be knocked out by a renegade tit to the face) and a pair of running shoes. Y...
Andrew Guerra5 months ago
How Physical Exercise Makes Your Memory Work Better
Exercise can improve your memory! Physical exercise is equally important for your body and mind. Studies now reveal that exercising can help you not only build strong muscles, keep a healthy body weig...
Francis Litzinger5 months ago
I’m acting like a teenager again, and it feels good. I’m lifting weights. Not a lot, but enough to get the muscle buzz that comes with pitting lazy, dad flesh against unyielding iron. The clanging sou...
Not Important5 months ago
Last Day
Today is the last day of my 14-day workout "trial run." It was a good practice round, getting used to a morning schedule, staying committed multiple days in a row, feeling the burn in my muscles again...
Fabian .5 months ago
How to Create Your Own Workout Program
Finding a workout plan that suits you can be a tricky but for a good reason, the process takes time and effort since picking the wrong program can hinder your progress towards your fitness goal. Rando...
Not Important5 months ago
Day 6
I found I'm incapable of getting out of bed before 10 AM half of the week. Last night, for example, I was up with my son until 2 AM. I had my alarm set to go off with the intentions of getting up at 7...
Emily Hean5 months ago
Seven Day Trial
My friend recommended me to a gym and I was given the opportunity to try the gym for free, for seven days, no strings attached. At first, we laughed it off. She just needed names to sign people up, an...
Not Important5 months ago
Day 2
Ever go to the park as a kid and play on the merry go round? I did. I also remember pushing the limits of the merry go round. Other kids would help push it faster and faster. How fast could it go, we ...
Paisley Hansen5 months ago
Boost Your Wellness with Swimming
For good reason, many people are ditching the pavement for the pool when it comes to their overall health. Swimming is known to increase your muscle tone, cardio capabilities, and bone strength. Non-c...
Michelle Frank5 months ago
Exercise Challenge (Part 2)
So the next four days are done and gone. I am feeling very sore now. Because of my decision to weigh in only once a month, I won't know if the muscular pain and physical fatigue is paying off until Fe...
James Baker5 months ago
8 Proven Ways to Lose Weight for Busy People
When you work the day, even every small step you take toward a healthier lifestyle matters. You may think that you don’t have any time and real weight loss can’t just be one of the options for you rig...
Michael Duong6 months ago
How to Start Going to the Gym
Being healthy isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle.
Marlene Affeld6 months ago

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise
Our brains are physical organs. Just like our lungs, heart, bones, and muscles benefit from regular physical activity, research confirms exercise triggers a flood of chemicals that affect positive cha...
Audrey Taylor6 months ago
Advice on Working Out If You Hate the Gym
Going to the gym is a great way to stay in shape and improve your well-being. But what happens when you can’t stand the stifling indoors with all those sweaty people around you anymore, but you still ...