Fitness regimes, advice, and trends in the Longevity health and wellness sphere.

Carson Kleinman2 years ago
Hey, You're Making Me Uncomfortable
The atmosphere inside the gym is intoxicating — but in the best way. Every day when I walk into the gym, I see a whole lot of people, gathered in one place, pushing themselves to new limits. And while...
Alex B2 years ago
Workout Design: Hannibal Tactics, Finish Like Scipio
What can these ancient military masterminds teach you about your workout strategy?
Lynda 2 years ago
Healthy Eating Challenge
If you have been following me on Vocal this is my second post for my ‘healthy eating challenge.’ Today is my first day of dieting and I am already feeling a load off my body. The food I have chosen absolutely fills me up. It’s amazing that what I have chosen, I would already feel like this. For my first day, you will have seen or will see the foods I had chosen from breakfast right through dinner time. However, I have not added in the snacks I had eaten which I will do when I post day 2 of the c...
How To Burn More Calories at Work
Good dieters will often work on trying to fit in an extra round of weight training at the gym, or look up how to make healthy food substitutions. These tactics can and do work when it comes to helping...
Ninfa Bi2 years ago
The Most Fabulous Fitness Girls
Women around the world want to train to look better for themselves. To achieve the perfect body it is always good to be inspired by someone who already has it. Thanks to social networks, today we can ...
Ann Musico2 years ago
Healthy and Healthy for You are Two Different Things
If you were to go on ten different health or weight loss websites, you are likely to find ten different approaches to achieving your goal. One may stress that going vegetarian or vegan is the best die...
Philip P.2 years ago
How a Work Related Back Injury Affected More Than My Health
I had always known of the safety regulations at work—watching those boring videos about onsite safety and procedures. It wasn't until I experienced my own work-related back injury that I realized the ...
Lauren Gargiulo2 years ago
After The Cure
I grew up with a heart condition. From the ages 12 to 17 I spent my time in waiting rooms, emergency rooms, and laying on my bed unable to speak because of the amount of pain I was in. I was the kid i...
J.C. Marie2 years ago
Nine Years
When I was around 12 years old, I began experiencing some back pain. Nothing serious, but deep aches and soreness that would hang around for a few hours before disappearing. Always in my lower back, b...
Ben Edgell2 years ago
Raising the Barre
As I get closer to my 100th class at the Pure Barre-Near West End, I find myself reflecting on the importance of being open to new experiences and opportunities no matter how out of your comfort zone ...
Kimberly Hoare2 years ago
Transverse Myelitis: My Journey
I've spent the last year and a half or so balanced on a precipice waiting to hear as to whether or not I actually have Multiple Sclerosis or not. After being admitted to William Osler Hospital in Nove...
Emily Holland2 years ago
Resistance Training for Women
Resistance bands are made of strong, thin rubber with handles at the end or just look like a giant elastic band. They can create a greater challenge practically everywhere as they’re extremely portabl...
RJ Plant2 years ago
Find What Works for You
This “one-a-week” posting makes me feel as though I’m neglecting you. But, needs must when you have bills to pay. Today, we’re going to talk about fitness and well-being. This isn’t a “tips,” “tricks,...
Marlene Affeld2 years ago
Tired And Sluggish? Go Pro!
Today it seems you can’t pick up a magazine or watch a television commercial without being inundated with advertisements touting the health benefits of probiotics. If you have digestive tract problems...
Bronwyn Sutton2 years ago
What Is a Personal Trainer?
When the term 'Personal Trainer' is mentioned, a lot of images are conjured up in the mind. Most involve pushing people to their limits, whilst the trainer is shouting at this poor sweaty person, who ...
Marlene Affeld2 years ago
A Shock Absorber For Your Joints
SAM-e supplement (S-Adenosyl methionine), pronounced as “Sammy”, is a synthetic form of a naturally-occurring amino acid derived from an essential sulfur-containing amino acid known as methionine, an ...
Nicolas Brown2 years ago
So You've Met Someone in a Wheelchair
Hi. I suppose, being a paraplegic and in a wheelchair and all, that it’s about time that I invested some blog space and thought space into what that whole thing is like. I mean, it’s only been two yea...