Fitness regimes, advice, and trends in the Longevity health and wellness sphere.

Indy Summers5 days ago
Tips for Staying Motivated to Work Out
It has become common knowledge that exercising on a consistent basis will keep our minds and bodies running at their best and fullest capacities. Despite this knowledge, sometimes we have trouble stay...
Kevin Gardner6 days ago
How to Work on Your 6-Pack
While a select few are genetically blessed with perfect metabolisms, the rest of us have to work to attain the bodies of our dreams. However, even the most in-shape bodies experience daily weight fluc...
Jus L'amore7 days ago
The Amazing Benefits of 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day
We all know that exercise is an essential part of keeping yourself healthy. Aside from diet, it is the only thing a person can control in order to maintain weight and strengthen yourself physically, m...
Marta Gajin11 days ago
Knee Braces as Essential Sports Gear
Many traditional knee pads and orthoses work more or less like a steel cage around the knee, which certainly protects the knee from bumps and twists. But many times, unfortunately, they are very clums...
Paisley Hansen14 days ago
Should You Be Comfortable Sharing Gym Equipment?
The modern way of living has prompted and created a gym-thriving business. Many people hit the gym to maintain a healthy life. However, due to the warm and moist environment, microscopic organisms, pa...
Afifa Bhatti16 days ago
How I Finally Hit the Gym, and Stuck to It
I have been plagued for years by the idea that I am fat. This perception of myself limited my confidence and implicitly manifested itself in other aspects of my life. I thought was never going to lose...
Hannah Elliott17 days ago
Conquering the Gym
It can be scary your first few times walking into the gym. Many of the people I know say that they hate the gym because a) they have no idea what they are doing or if they are going it correctly, and ...
Autumn Brown17 days ago
Amazing Ways to Get Fit and Lose Weight!
We have all been at the point where we decide to give it our best shot and lose some weight, right? Sometimes we wish we could run faster or longer, or maybe we just can't slip into that favorite piec...
Kevin 19 days ago
6 Ways to Improve Your Energy
When you have a busy life, it can be difficult to have the energy you need. However, there are ways that you can improve your energy. Learning different ways to improve your energy will help you to pu...
Dawn Castell19 days ago
How to Relax and Rejuvenate After a Workout
We all have the best of intentions to work out and stay healthy, and many of us may find more success at it than others do. Obviously, there is no denying that exercising has a great deal of health be...
Kori Anderson21 days ago
12 Best Partner Workouts for Couples
According to Men’s Health, couples that workout out together, stay together. Sure dinner under the moonlight, date nights, and watching movies together can be great ways to strengthen these bonds, but...
Sasha McGregor24 days ago
5 Ways to Succeed in the Gym Before You Enter It
Simply put, success in the gym begins before you actually enter it. In other words, the proper preparation can go a long way in helping you put in some serious work in the gym. On the other hand, bein...
Steven Walkera month ago
How to Maximize Your Workouts
If you are already committed to spending time exercising on a regular basis, why not make the most of that time? Although some exercises require your undivided attention, there are a lot of things you...
Craig Housea month ago
Fitness Without a Fat Wallet
Picture this. You want to get fit, but you can’t afford the gym fees. You want to look stylish, but all the brands are expensive. You want to eat better, but you don’t have all the fancy kitchen equip...
Tyra Wilsona month ago
How to Take up Running
I recently got into running because I wanted to lose weight, and began hitting the treadmill, religiously. I stayed consistent for about a year and a half, until a car accident made things more diffic...
G Ma month ago
Entrepreneur, Fitness Guru, and an Inspiration: Briana K. Shaffer
Before I begin telling you about one of my absolute favorite role models, I would like to tell you a bit about myself to give you some context on why Briana is such a huge inspiration to me. I am 22 y...
Michelle Rebeccaa month ago
The Best Protein Powders to Power Your Workouts
Did you know the American College of Sports Medicine gave the go-ahead for athletes to use protein supplements? It is not the only institution backing up the use of protein powder for your workout; ve...
Betty Glaudera month ago
Stretch Into Fitness
Before jumping into any type of workout full force, we must work to get our bodies into neutral alignment to allow for proper movement throughout an exercise. “Start by stretching chronically tight ar...