Top Fashion trends in health and wellness, including new work out clothing, accessories, proper footwear, and gadgets.

Best Activewear for Looking Good While Working Out
A new year means new goals, and for many, fitness is on the very top of that list. We’re either determined to lose a few pounds by the summertime or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, newfound ...
Alice Minguez2 years ago
Yoga Fashion Mistakes
So you’re going to your first yoga class. You’re probably looking forward to stretching all sorts of muscles you didn’t even know you had, and maybe you’re even hoping to impress your family by return...
Aspen Drake2 years ago
Five Reasons Why Thrift Shopping is the Shit
And now, an ode to savings and treasure-hunting.
Rikki La Rouge2 years ago
I Love Selena M.A.C.
As a Selena fan when this line of makeup came along I had to have It. To be able to experience Selena's taste in makeup I could not miss my chance to purchase all of the wonderful makeup offered in th...
Amanda Zylstra2 years ago
Favorite Makeup Products by Ulta Beauty
I am a budget shopper, but also a lover of beauty products. I am always looking for ways to save money, but still, have high-quality products that I enjoy using and make me look great. As a long time ...
Amanda Zylstra2 years ago
Favorite Makeup Products by Urban Decay
The following list contains some of my all-time favorite products by Urban Decay. They have many products to choose from and it was hard to pick only a few. I hope this list makes it easier to decide ...
Amanda Zylstra2 years ago
Buxom Lip Polish and Full-On Lip Cream
Buxom is famous for its lip products. They offer lip gloss in two different finishes. One has shimmer and sparkly, where the other is just shiny. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a shade ...
Amanda Zylstra2 years ago
10 Best Online Eyeglass Stores
There are countless websites that sell eyewear. With so many choices available, it's hard to know which sites are the best to meet all of your eyeglass needs. The list below features the top ten best ...
Sarah Quinn2 years ago
The Comfiest Organic Clothing Brands
If you’re anything like me, you occasionally realize that your closet is full of scratchy, stuffy, too-small shirts, pants, and dresses that you simply never wear. Whether you Konmari it (“does this s...