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Is it a fact or is it merely fiction? Fact or Fiction explores the lesser known truths in the health and wellness world of Longevity.

Ann King23 days ago
526 Teeth Removed from Seven-Year-Old Boy's Mouth
There are millions of people in the world who fear the dentist, but this seven-year-old boy from India needs a reward for what he has gone through! A little boy from India began complaining of jaw pai...
Lisa LaRue-Bakera month ago
This Article Won't Be Popular
Coffee has many good uses. There have been studies that have shown coffee plays a role in the prevention of cancer, diabetes, depression, cirrhosis of the liver, and gallstones, and it is also full of...
SKYLERIZED 4 months ago
Reason First: Dr. Sebi's Blind Alley
Medical professionals considered Dr. Sebi a phony and a fake. He allegedly told people that AIDS did not arise from HIV. Allegedly, he cured forms of cancer and became a healer to those yearning to be...
Patrick Tuttle5 months ago
Dissecting the Antivaxxer
I was almost one of them. I was young and impressionable, in the age of instant information. As a young American with no family, I was poor and desperate, bitter about the health industry, and too poo...
Ashley Peterson5 months ago
Nutrition Myths Debunked
Everywhere you look, it seems like there's a new story about how this food is good for you, this food is bad for you, you need to follow this diet, or you shouldn't eat that. But underlying all the fa...
Amelia Grant6 months ago
How to Choose Real Chocolate and Its Benefits
Chocolate has become a popular food product that millions enjoy every day, because of its unique, rich, and sweet taste. It’s the ultimate comfort food, which helps us fight stress and find a reliable...
Iria Vasquez-Paez9 months ago
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine is an Eastern discipline. As an Eastern discipline, it means that it doesn’t follow Western medical practices, which is why some people see this as fraudulent or incongrue...
Andrea Dawsona year ago
The Health Benefits of Silk Pillowcases
Have you ever considered what your pillowcase is made of? Sure, many of us probably just buy them, most often looking at the price tag before anything else. However, it really does matter what your pi...
Adele casta year ago
Interesting F#*king Facts About Tourettes!
In my life, so many times when I have told people I have Tourette Syndrome, they either don't know what it is exactly or only know one version of it... (the swearing kind.) I have lived with this cond...
Austin Wilsona year ago
Autism Awareness - Fresh Fruits and Vegetables May Cause Autism
Links found between chemicals in the autistic brain and vegetation.
Jamie Papwortha year ago
The Aspartame Conspiracy
Earlier this year, my life was devastated. For years my family has made a big deal out of A.G. Barr’s magical Irn-Bru at Christmas times, and it's been a family tradition for the last 20 years to have...
S Pa year ago
How Social Media Is Used as a Manipulation Tool for the Anti-Vax Movement
We live in a very black and white world where there is a self-proclaimed overly opinionated expert for just about every topic imaginable. One aspect of society that has been affected by this is our he...
Peter Rosea year ago
Will Our All Connected Multimedia Make Us Ill?
Will our all connected, all instantaneous, multimedia capacity make us ill? I see a great deal of media stuff about loneliness and the problems of loneliness but nothing about the detrimental effects ...
Karen Philpott2 years ago
Mind Over Matter: Does It Matter?
When it comes to our health, we have many more choices now than in previous decades. More people are taking up the alternative medicine, complementary therapy and homoeopathy routes to help treat exis...
Tee Dot2 years ago
Is Botox Safe? Botox for Beginners
Are you interested in getting Botox but terrified of looking like the frozen faces you see in Hollywood? Or that you heard you are putting poison in your face and are worried about the safety aspects ...
Word Enchantress2 years ago
Conventional vs. Holistic Medicine
Conventional and holistic medicine are both million dollar industries. When it comes down to it, everyone is looking for a cure to what ails them. There are countless arguments for and against both, o...
Simonex 2 years ago
How to Get Rid of the Depression Trap
The representatives of the beautiful sex are trapped in depression three times more often than the male half of the poopulation. This has its logical explanation based on the psychological, physiologi...
Patricia Sarkar2 years ago
The Changing Face of Plastic Surgery
The decision to get plastic surgery is a deeply personal one. While an entertainer may see cosmetic surgery as a vital career move, others may see it as a necessity. Some, like the maturing Botox gene...