Tips, tricks, recipes, and hacks to make your diet a successful one.

Chelsea Fos8 months ago
Being a Vegetarian
After deciding to go on a vegetarian diet two years ago, I have answered my fair share of questions and put to rest concerns from strangers who are worried for my health. Becoming and choosing to main...
Morgan E. Westling9 months ago
Diet Mistakes Every Newbie Makes
Many people have trouble with their weight loss efforts when they first start out. Diet mistakes are easy to make with all the crash diets that claim losing weight fast is easy, or that viciously cutt...
Kari Oakley9 months ago
7 Benefits of Going Plant-Based
Plant-based. Vegetarian. Vegan. What are they? The main idea behind these lifestyles is that you avoid animal products. Contrary to what you might originally think, there are a stunning amount of heal...
Mariam Tocco9 months ago
Nutrition After "I Do"
I don’t usually talk about this very much on media because I am a lot more focused on writing poetry, some prose, and of course, taking care of my small online business with selling body butter. Howev...
Linda Paul9 months ago
Whittle the Waist
I hated being skinny when I was a child. The other kids would tease me because my clothes were always too big. I didn’t even need a bra until I was 15, and even then it was more for show than because ...
So You're a Glutard
A Glutard is someone who has been diagnosed with either a gluten intolerance, or Celiac Disease. So you’ve been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Now what? Well, first off, you need to know that there’s ...
Erin Foster9 months ago
How to Actually Implement an Anti-Inflammatory Diet
If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time (or are about to spend a lot of time) researching inflammation in the body and anti-inflammatory foods. It’s a deep, dark rabbit hole of ...
Gwen Trautman9 months ago
Gluten Blues
Food is medicine. At least, that's the saying that my mom would pour into my head everyday. She told me that it would heal me, make me feel better, and I believed that, every time she said it. Until I...
Emily Timmons9 months ago
How Nutrition Saved Me
This has taken me a while to write, and a while to be able to publish this.
This my story of how I found holistic nutrition, and why it means so much to me.
So of course, like most teenagers, I had ki...
Morgan E. Westling10 months ago
Ultimate Keto Diet Food List
Losing weight with a ketogenic diet is one of the newest diet trends out there, and many consider it to be very effective. With the ketogenic diet, you train your body to stay in ketosis so that it bu...
Kylie Jane10 months ago
Why I Changed My Eating Habits
Our day-to-day habits and actions affect who we are. We can’t control everything, but there are things we can. The kind of lifestyle we live is based on our habits and choices we make. Situations may ...
Kylie Jane10 months ago
A Diet That Works
Are you looking to lose weight? Maybe you’ve been working out, but haven’t perfected your diet yet? You may be reading this because, like me, you suffer from an autoimmune disorder and need guidance. ...
Issy Speedie10 months ago
Do You Have a Food Intolerance?
All through my childhood I’ve had a very strong immune system. I missed one day of primary school and that was because we were on holiday! So when I started feeling queasy quite often, I was worried. ...
Alix McCormick10 months ago
How to 'Cheat' on Your Non-Cheat Days
Hello, my little lovelies! So I know there are days when we're supposed to be healthy, but we just can't help those cravings that we get for delicious, unhealthy foods that we are supposed to avoid. I...
James E. 10 months ago
Benefits of a Raw Vegan Lifestyle and Why It’s Beneficial to You and the Earth
A raw diet consists of, you guessed it, raw food. These raw foods consist of fruits, vegetables, grains, and are usually organic. Organic foods have so many amazing benefits for you and the planet. Th...
Kayla Johnson10 months ago
How to Count Your Calories to Lose Weight
The key is patience and forgiveness. This is a lifestyle change and counting calories does not mean that you have to give up any of your favorite foods. Here is what you'll need: A Calorie/Macro Track...
Iria Vasquez-Paez10 months ago
How to Shake an Addiction
I had all three addictions. Coffee was a gradual event to quit while alcohol required a therapist I saw at the time. Sugar is the last one; I have quit this only recently. I mean quit anything with su...
Cale Mitchell10 months ago
WTF Do We Eat!?
Trending Carnivore Diet