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The Bronx Vegan5 months ago
The Intersection of Veganism and Fatness
Lately, I’ve been feeling the pressure of existing as a fat, body positive person and a vegan. Food consumption is not the only element of veganism, but it is a major part of it. Discussions surroundi...
Brittany D5 months ago
Fat Acceptance from Someone Who's Overweight
As a 30-year-old woman, I've come to realize some things in this adult life I've been given. One of those things I realized is that spending my time stressing about my body was not healthy for me. The...
Tyger Morgan5 months ago
Pain remains one of the most remarkable systems of the body. While it enables us to learn about those things that might be dangerous to us, it can also trap a person within the confines of their own b...
Infinite Love5 months ago
11 Menstrual Cramp Home Remedies for Natural Relief
As women, we all know it, dread it, and are sometimes even thankful that we get our monthly period. But let's face it, menstrual cramps can be a real pain for any woman at any age. It really doesn't d...
Paisley Hansen5 months ago
Feeling Muscle Pain? Here’s the Solution
Millions of people experience muscle or joint pain around the world. Pains can be felt anywhere from your fingers, neck, back, arms, or legs. However, 31 million Americans experience lower-back pain. ...
Kimberly LU5 months ago
Ripping My Skin Off!
Ever wonder what it has actually felt like to rip your skin off? I used to when I was a teenager and frustrated with myself. I now, however in my adult years get to feel something I seem to think is a...
Gabriella Grace6 months ago
Here and Now
Our brain is essentially the central processor of a system that works in wondrous ways that most of us have no comprehension of at all. Symbolically, we are not that different to a computer and our br...
Raunak Sapkota7 months ago
Turn Your Life Around With the Alexander Technique
Frederick Alexander came up with the Alexander Technique in the 1890s when he found that a loss of voice during public speeches was bothering him quite a bit. When he got down to the root of it, he di...
Kathy Lester8 months ago
How to Avoid Cubicle Obesity
It was a brisk Monday morning as I woke up around 7:45 AMto get ready for my normal 30-minute commute to work. I had gotten dressed, put on my makeup, brushed my hair, and headed out the door into my ...
Megan Marie8 months ago
Shattered Glass Chapter 1 - Part 1 Laughter bursted from the car as the van pulled up onto the driveway. The door slid opened and four children jumped out, eager to burn off their pent up energy. Afte...
Erica Lisher9 months ago
Depo Provera
Birth control. A lot of women are on some form of birth control and after having a baby it is heavily pushed on you to get back on it as soon as possible. Of course, your body has just been through he...
Lanie wood10 months ago
Don’t Pity or Toss the Dwarf
Dwarfism. A simple eight letter word which in the least technical sense means, I’m short. People have always handled this in all sorts of ways when the forever asked question is posed. “Why are you so...
Sara Glatz10 months ago
Summer Glow Up
When we think of summer, we think about sunny weather, swimming, and for some of us a vacation. We think about tanning on the beach, while drinking a pina colada. For some of us though, summer is just...
susan winograda year ago
What Is the Pelvic Floor?
The Three Most Important Factors When Considering Your Pelvic Health and Wellness
Jessica Baezaa year ago
Unexplained Infertility
This piece is dedicated to all the women out there who are currently struggling with infertility. It may not seem like it at this very moment, but there will be a light at the end of your long, treach...
Courtney Frazera year ago
I'm Tired
Not a whole lot of people can understand when you say, "I'm tired," what you really mean is you’re exhausted. You are too tired to stand for one more minute, your arms are too tired to hold a book up,...
Samantha Reida year ago
Living With Scars
I have an easier time trusting someone who has scars than someone who has unblemished skin. I'm not sure what it is, but scars tell the stories of where you've been in life. And if you've gone through...
behgopa ka year ago
Adapting to Communal Nudity
Until a couple years ago, I was the only Korean that I knew of that has never stepped foot in a jjimjilbang (Korean spa). As curious as I was about the non-communal-nakedness aspects of the experience, apprehension outweighed my curiosity. I was never comfortable with communal nakedness. In the school locker rooms, I’d always shy away to the corner to change, and as quickly as I could just to get the eff out of there. Girls that were more comfortable in their skin would flaunt and even prance ar...