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Jus L'amore12 days ago
The Best Kind of Freeze: Cryotherapy
New treatments for the body, mind, and beauty become available everyday. It's an industry that is constantly changing and consistently progressing. Not to mention, the overwhelming amount of options f...
Paisley Hansen12 days ago
Do You Want to Feel a Little More Manly?
Guys want to be guys. The trouble is not every "dude" knows what it takes to become more manly. Websites popped up discovering the topic of embracing a more manly attitude. YouTube channels center on ...
Ernesta B18 days ago
Don't Rely on BMI
This is something I touched upon in an earlier article concerning weight loss, and is something I'm passionate about debunking when it comes to the pursuit of a healthy weight. BMI, or "Body Mass Inde...
Greta Pisarczyk19 days ago
The Secret to Increasing Your Metabolism
Everywhere you look in health-related media, social media, and pop culture, one central theme prevails: Lose weight for health and happiness. (Read: IF you lose weight, you WILL be healthier. IF you l...
Anabel Hudson21 days ago
Emergency Gallbladder Surgery
The weather is changing and the winter germs start to come out of the woodwork. Illness at work was rife and it was inevitable that I was going to catch something. Little did I know that my constant s...
Amelia Grant21 days ago
10 Products That Help to Fight Cellulite
Fortunately, correct nutrition may be an important addition to professional cellulite treatment. Let’s find out what products may help you fight cellulite.
Nudity Can Be Morally Defensible
In 1997, Girls Gone Wild erupted on the scene of American culture, at a time when there was as of yet no Internet pornography, but rather, all of the adult material was available on the DVD format. It...
Patty McDaniels2 months ago
Best Body Fat Scale Buying Guide Review
In this modern era, people have become more health conscious. You will find more people going to a local gym to exercise properly and to shed excess body weight. On the other hand, there are also some...
Singster Jones 2 months ago
How to Be Big
How to be big in a world that isn’t? It’s a question I’m still struggling to answer. Every day I’m trying to convince myself that I belong here with the other half, the thin one. Don’t get me wrong, I...
Paisley Hansen2 months ago
8 Reasons Why Your Body Loves Swimming
Swimming is beneficial to your body in a few different ways. While your body loves swimming for physical reasons, it also loves swimming for emotional and mental reasons.
Mia Johnson3 months ago
Ways Your Weight Can Affect Your Sleep Quality
Predominantly, the amount of work you do during the day tends to make you too tired to exercise after your office hours are done. Furthermore, instead of cooking your own meal, you rely on takeout foo...
Sydney Lovell3 months ago
Justifying My Weight Gain
Then, at the age of 18, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. As time went by and my health gradually got worse, the inability to exercise regularly and the effects of being on multiple different me...
Megan Paul3 months ago
Thoughts on Struggling to Love Yourself in January
As a woman who has struggled with body image issues for years, January tends to be a difficult time. It feels like every advert you see is for some weight loss diet or new "get fit quick" app, and it’...
Olivia Shoemaker4 months ago
Postpartum Bodies Deserve Respect
Some days I look in the mirror and only notice my imperfections. The skin tone of my face is uneven, I have bags under my eyes, my stomach is far from flat, the right angles bring out a double chin no...
Iria Vasquez-Paez4 months ago
What Is Chi?
Chi is the life force that permeates every living thing on this planet. Chi saturates everything, just like the Force in Star Wars. Prana is another Sanskrit term for this life force. When you practic...
Tristyn Patterson5 months ago
There is an obesity problem in the United States today. Obesity is a medical condition that is a result of having too much body fat. It comes from being overweight, or when someone's weight is greater...
RBKH 1202955 months ago
To Improvise; To Do or Allow the Unexpected
Contact improvisation, these are two words that make me feel very apprehensive. Contact Improvisation is a partnering dance form that was founded by Steve Paxton in 1972. The practice is based on a ph...