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Love the body you're in with recipes, fitness, meditation, and everything needed to live a long and happy life.

An Exercise Prescription for You

Victor Acquista
in Science

Exercise is an important component of fitness and therefore of any wellness program. People exercise for many reasons, most commonly for weight loss, strength conditioning, improving flexibility, aero...

Hacks for Working Out Inside

Annie Kiely
in Beauty

When the days are short and the weather is brutal, many people find they are lacking the time and motivation to get to the gym. The good news is there are plenty of ways you can get your exercise in f...

From Roamer to Runner

Martin Skate
in Culture

First off, I know I know, talking about running is boring. Borrrrrrring. I know. It’s not an article on carb-loading and tips on how to avoid a stitch (for that, check out my article ‘Carb Loading and...

Meditation Tips to Ease Anxiety

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

Anxiety can sometimes seem like some grotesque, irresistible monster that demands of us our life, health, peace of mind, and time. Time most of all. It so often robs us of time and life. Time to breat...

10 Ways to Add Argan Oil to Your Beauty Routine

Ariana Palmieri
in Beauty

Everyone is in love with coconut oil, but what about the people who aren't? My friend, for example, is allergic to the stuff. Even if she wanted to, she couldn't use any products that contained it wit...

Yoga Poses to Release Stress

Aaliyah Williams
in Culture

If you’ve ever wanted to know the best yoga poses to release stress, then look no further. We’ve compiled this extensive guide for your convenience. With so many fads and products out on the market th...

Health Hacks for a Healthier You

Annie Kiely
in Culture

There are so many ways to improve our health that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Exercise, diet, lifestyle, and emotional health are all important. Getting healthier in every way is a ...

Where Focus Meets Self Care

Kaleigh Marielle
in Beauty

I've officially been a full time university student for eight years and an International Model. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with two very different careers. I spend the majority of my days at ...

Seven Ways To Boost Your Confidence

Yvonne Glasgow
in Culture

How do you feel about yourself? Self-esteem and self-confidence are two things that can make or break a person. We begin developing our self-esteem when we are young. Self-esteem has a lot to do with ...

Dear Buttercup

Annessa Babic
in Culture

By and large, since I was sixteen, I’ve gone running at least once a week. I’ve never been a stellar runner—as anyone who has ever known me a hot second will tell you—but I’ve persevered on like the b...

Fluoride: America Has Been Conned

Sarah McDaniel
in Science

To understand the dangers lurking in our drinking water and toothpaste, we must first start in the very center of our brains: the pineal gland. This tiny gland has been a topic of discussion for many ...

8 Ways to Improve Your Fitness

Blendea Lucia
in Beauty

Many people–especially those who take part in a sport or some other active recreational activity–believe that they get enough exercise during their ordinary daily routine to keep themselves in good ph...

On Breath, Gravity, and Support

Carole Amend
in Humor

How many times have I thought to myself, "Next time, I’ll be more conscious"? Well, another next time is here. This time, it’s my doggie, Amber-girl, my 42-pound gift of sweetness. She’s gonna leave m...

How I Lost Weight Without Intense Exercise

Git Springfeldt
in Culture

I want to tell you a story, my story in fact. I have lost about forty pounds without a lot of exercising, although I did change my diet and mindset.

Nine Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients Important for Better Exercise Performance

Jerry Del Priore
in Science

It’s no secret that solid nutrition is vital to good overall health. If you’re an avid exerciser, though, your nutrition needs go up, with key nutrients playing an important role in recovery and makin...

Why You Should Jump Rope

Andre John
in Science

Have you ever wondered why boxers are such tremendous athletes? The vigorous training, non-stop running, strict diets, and subtle art of jumping rope are all excellent shape-makers, but for the purpos...