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susan winograd17 hours ago
What Is the Pelvic Floor?
The Three Most Important Factors When Considering Your Pelvic Health and Wellness
Jessica Baeza20 days ago
Unexplained Infertility
This piece is dedicated to all the women out there who are currently struggling with infertility. It may not seem like it at this very moment, but there will be a light at the end of your long, treach...
Courtney Frazer23 days ago
I'm Tired
Not a whole lot of people can understand when you say, "I'm tired," what you really mean is you’re exhausted. You are too tired to stand for one more minute, your arms are too tired to hold a book up,...
Samantha Reida month ago
Living With Scars
I have an easier time trusting someone who has scars than someone who has unblemished skin. I'm not sure what it is, but scars tell the stories of where you've been in life. And if you've gone through...
behgopa ka month ago
Adapting to Communal Nudity
Until a couple years ago, I was the only Korean that I knew of that has never stepped foot in a jjimjilbang (Korean spa). As curious as I was about the non-communal-nakedness aspects of the experience, apprehension outweighed my curiosity. I was never comfortable with communal nakedness. In the school locker rooms, I’d always shy away to the corner to change, and as quickly as I could just to get the eff out of there. Girls that were more comfortable in their skin would flaunt and even prance ar...
Peter Rose2 months ago
Shiatsu: What Is It?
What is SHIATSU? First what it is not! It is not a small hairy animal that barks! It is not an ancient eastern philosophy! What is it then? It is a type of natural therapy that brings great benefit to...
Sanaa Dowd3 months ago
How To Be A Baddie: Series 2
Finally, we get to the part that you’ve probably been waiting for: the exercise regimen. As a whole, baddies are known for their beautiful hourglass figure: big boobs, little waist, and a round butt. ...
jessica young3 months ago
A Horse of a Different Color
Let me tell you, I am seeing interesting things happening. So since we have been fixated on my feet for the last couple days, I totally forgot to tell y’all about the color changes. Get this, my leg c...
10 Habits of Fit People
Sometimes we get so caught up in the latest health or wellness fads we forget about the essentials - or when we've just started our fitness journey we have no idea where to start. This list is made up...
Nicole Allen3 months ago
Build a Booty Workout
Hey there, humans. I promised you a butt-busting (heh heh, get it?) workout video this week. And this one speaks to the Kim K. in all of us. We all stare at the pictures of super toned butts in a cute...
Living The Dream3 months ago
It seems unlikely that one of the very few things we were able to do at birth, we do wrong. Breathing. How hard can it be? By now you have probably taken notice to your own breath. By now you have DEF...
Mateusz Lyko3 months ago
Walking Shouldn't Be Taken for Granted
7:50 AM. My bus is at the stop. I see people getting on and at the back of my head I have hope that I'll make it in time. It was grey and gloomy outside and the day seemed crappy already. Suddenly, I ...
Ashley Ramos3 months ago
My Genetic Eyes
ADIE or ADIE syndrome is a rare genetic disorder in which one pupil is dilated and one is not; in some cases one dilated pupil might spread to both of the pupils. ADIE syndrome is known by many other ...
Tristan Johnson3 months ago
Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle
I have decided to start my journey to better health and fitness. I came to a screeching halt once I began experiencing joint stiffness and inflammation at the age of 19. It started out acute and I wou...
Skylar Pritchett3 months ago
Day 1 of Cleanse
You Are What You Eat
Florence St Leger 3 months ago
A Happier Way to Be Healthy
It's that time of year again! (Groan...) But before you kickstart that redundant gym membership, here are some things my three years as a fitness instructor have taught me about taking care of your mi...
Laura Playford4 months ago
Health and Fitness Tips for Busy and Unmotivated People
Miserable, unmotivated, low self-esteem, hopeless, depressed, gloomy... If you have or are currently feeling any of these emotions please read on. The goal of my post today is to motivate and inspire ...