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7 Films You Should Watch If You Like To Run
I think you will enjoy the following films if you like to run.
William Horne2 years ago
Top 3 Nitric Oxide Boosters and Top 3 Not So N.O. Boosters
Visit our Website: Body Building Reviews - True Reviews for True Results Nitric Oxide is simply a molecule made up of Nitrogen and Oxygen, which plays a major role in blood pressure regulation. Nitric...
Dan Volker3 years ago
Culture in 70% of the World Involves Being In or Under the Water 
Call it Snorkeling or Freediving, it is a sport most families could enjoy together. While it will be more fun, more rapidly, if you begin with an instructor for at least one pool session for basic ski...
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
The Comfiest Organic Clothing Brands
If you’re anything like me, you occasionally realize that your closet is full of scratchy, stuffy, too-small shirts, pants, and dresses that you simply never wear. Whether you Konmari it (“does this s...
Samantha Bentley3 years ago
Choosing A Personal Trainer
I was never a hugely active person up until about 6 years ago, in the sense that I wasn’t really aware of how to eat properly and I had never set foot in a gym. I ran cross country while I was at scho...
Mackenzie Lu3 years ago
Evolution of American Martial Arts Training
Throughout the martial arts community, it seems that there has been a slow dissipation in the role of traditional values, in many cases, there has even been total abandonment-a disturbing observation....
Anne St. Marie3 years ago
Forget Pokémon Go, Fitocracy is the Fitness RPG Site You Never Knew You Wanted
Has your Pokémon Go gotten up and gone? Are you tired of endlessly hiking the harsh (and occasionally paved) terrain in search of both rare Pokémon and getting swole, but finding neither? Still, if yo...
Alicia Springer3 years ago
Ways to Meditate While Running
What would you say if I told you meditation doesn’t have to involve lotus position, sitting on a cushion, or even being quiet—that there are actually ways to meditate while running? People run for a n...
Sarah Quinn3 years ago
The Most Gorgeous California Yoga Retreats
Breathe. Stretch. Unwind. Whether you're hoping to become a certified yoga instructor at an intensive two-week program or just relax on a weekend getaway, a yoga retreat is probably the perfect thing ...
George Gott3 years ago
Weightlifting Myths for Women
Within the bodybuilding culture, falsehoods and misinformation exist for both sexes, but there are some weightlifting myths for women specifically. Should women lift? Will they be seen as masculine? I...
George Gott3 years ago
Reasons to Run in the Morning
We all know just how comfortable and enveloping your bed can be in the morning. It’s the most tempting thing in the world to say “just 5 more minutes” until you have to run faster than Usain Bolt to c...
Izzy Erlich3 years ago
Uninhibited Animal Yoga Poses
Thousands of years ago yoga practitioners would observe they way animals stretched – uninhibited, free of social convention.The more flexible the body, the more flexible mind, according to ancient yog...
Mackenzie Lu3 years ago
Intense Forms of Extreme Yoga
Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that is designed to better the body and mind. There are many different forms of yoga. The most popular schools of yoga are hatha yoga, jnana yoga, ho...
Alicia Springer3 years ago
Summer Workout Risks
Most of us revel in exercise outdoors during the summer, but the blissful hot weather also heralds some seasonal summer workout risks. High smog levels, sunscreens that slide off during sweaty exercis...
Alicia Springer3 years ago
Best Running Shoes for Women
Whether you're taking advantage of the warm weather or looking to stay active, you've decided to take up a new hobby—running! Running is one of the best full-body cardio exercises that really gets you...
Mackenzie Lu4 years ago
Best Yoga Essentials
What do a downward facing dog and a camel have in common? They are both poses that every yogi has mastered. Yet for beginners, these poses just sound like animals that have nothing to do with yoga. Ch...