Athletics and fitness are the essential ingredients for your body to live a long and healthy life.

Brian 5 days ago
Casual Training Into My 40s
I've never been the most athletic person. I mostly played video games and watched TV during my childhood. During high school I was a chubby teenager. In my early 20s I finally discovered bboying (brea...
Taj Productionsa month ago
How to Train for a Marathon
An Overview of What It Takes to Run a Lengthy 42 Kilometers, or 26 Miles
Claire C2 months ago
Protecting Your Brain
By age 11, my mom had put me through so many different extra-curricular activities that my head was spinning. Although I enjoyed small aspects of each activity none of them seemed to fit, until a frie...
Shannon Dority2 months ago
Returning to Running After an Injury
In January 2015, I had a freak accident where the ligaments in my right knee almost completely tore. I thankfully didn’t need surgery to correct the tears, however, I was placed in a full knee brace f...
Average Joe2 months ago
One Dad and His Bike
As you know, the roads and pavements are being populated by brightly coloured, lycra wearing tosspots who may as well be wearing blinkers—I mean come on, they have death wishes. Undertaking, squeezing...
Lynn Gable3 months ago
Concerning Martial Arts
Martial arts have been around as long as the art of war has been around. Some of the oldest martial arts reach back several thousand years. A few of the ones that are popular today came around within ...
Lela Harris3 months ago
Thinking of Running a Half Marathon?
Thinking of running a half marathon? Great! There is no better feeling than seeing the finish line and then crossing it. Trust me, I've run over thirty half marathons, and crossing that finish line is...
Irbaz Ali3 months ago
Glistening Red and Black
A thick, rubbery smell, combined with the unmistakable stench of sweat surrounds the early risers in the UFC gym. A bright red wrestling mat, glistening with sweat, challenges fighters to spar with th...
Maurice Bernier5 months ago
The Fastest Man Alive (on Two Wheels)!!!!
I have a secret to share with my reading public. I have a secret identity. Up until now, I have shared it with a few people—family, a few friends, and neighbors. I always had a need for speed and my o...
Michael Carolan5 months ago
Unto the Breach 2: Fail to Succeed
In this piece I will be writing about how I got the point I am now, what influenced my journey and how it has helped shape my current outlook when working with athletes. Around five years ago I hit a ...
Heather 5 months ago
I Am Not a Sport
When I was a kid I was the stereotypical “horse girl.” Like to a perfect T. Most of the people in my grade knew me more for my horse t-shirts instead of my name. For as long as I can remember, I built...
Kylee Rouse5 months ago
The Pressures of Sports on the Mind
There are many children that play sports, whether it be rough contact sports like football and hockey or more relaxed like golf and swimming. To the people watching, it just seems like good, competiti...
Samantha Bentley5 months ago
Tough Mudder Tips!
It may not seem like it here in the UK, what with the below freezing temperatures and thick snow fall, but Spring is upon us and that means Tough Mudder season is nearly here! Last year I was booked b...
Michael Carolan5 months ago
Unto the Breach
This is the first of several writes about my journey working with athletes at Sports City Manchester, helping them achieve their dreams and goals. In a world where more than ever we are pushing for ex...
Crow Zing 5 months ago
Getting Back
To the sport I've loved: I'm sorry, I abandoned you late last year, I guess the love and passion for you I've had ever since being a five-year-old girl went away over the previous two years; perhaps t...
Chantz Wright6 months ago
How To Start Parkour and Freerunning
Parkour and freerunning is a very unique and different sport. All there is to it is your human body. It's fun, crazy, adventurous, and extremely indescribable. I often get asked this question, "How co...
Delaney Williams6 months ago
Cheer Is Life?
When I was three years old, I went to one of my cousin's cheer competitions to watch her perform and from the second I walked into the arena I fell in love with cheer. I loved the atmosphere, people, ...
David Herbert6 months ago
The Importance of Elbows in Both Self-Defense and Competition Fighting
In today's world, where self-defense knowledge can save your life and possibly others around you, it's good to know the tools at your disposal, especially the ones that can stop an assailant in their ...