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Joseph Jones7 days ago
How to Help Your Parent Choose a Mobility Aid Device
Watching your parents get older can be difficult. If they are beginning to struggle with mobility issues, now may be the time to have a discussion with them. But how do you approach the subject? When ...
Amit Sharma16 days ago
Living Life at Its Fullest, as 60 Is The New Beginning
Retirement is a new beginning. It’s never too late to get started, so plan for your upcoming days. When the earlier life is spent on fulfilling responsibilities, retirement comes with the feeling of r...
Mina Outreach20 days ago
How to Keep Your Body Active and Mobile
Working out, especially gym workouts, combined with the right supplement will provide you with the required energy, which will in turn help in preventing your mind and body from aging. Your brain is p...
Isla Wright22 days ago
Aging in Style—5 Considerations
Old age is something that will happen to us all – if we’re lucky. There’s nothing sad or bizarre about this kind of thinking. After all, old age is beautiful as it literally represents a life lived. H...
Amelia 23 days ago
8 Ways Seniors Can Take Care of Their Mental Health
After a busy and fast-paced life, when the children have finally settled down and you are getting into the groove of retirement living, it’s a usual occurrence among seniors to feel isolated and alone...
Angela Fausonea month ago
The Perils of a Slip and Fall
It happens in a split second—a rustling, a yelp, a crash—and before you know it, your loved one is on the floor, unable to get up. At least that's what happened to my 83-year-old grandpa. He has been ...
Carlos Fox3 months ago
Everything You Need to Know About Senior Health Care in Pennsylvania
If you or your loved one is an aging American, you’ll have specific needs that change a little over the years. For example, health insurance needs change as you get older. Once you turn 65, you are pr...
Ashley Terrell3 months ago
The Power of Turmeric
Learning ways herbs and spices can benefit your daily regimen and lifestyle is essential. Today, many people are exploring how spices, like turmeric, have many properties that promote improved health ...
Maurice Bernier5 months ago
What My Eyes Have Seen
I am a recent recipient of a brand new eye. Actually, I just had cataract surgery on October 22, 2018. As of that day, I have been able to see the world much better since I discovered that I had this ...
David Wyld6 months ago
True Innovation for Good (Part 2)
A New Zealand-based startup is pioneering foods to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for those with swallowing difficulties. We explore why this nutritional advance is such an important ...
David Wyld6 months ago
True Innovation for Good (Part 1)
A New Zealand-based startup is pioneering foods to improve the quality of care and health outcomes for those with swallowing difficulties. We explore why this nutritional advance is such an important development for those dealing with Alzheimer's and Dementia.
Alexis Weichman6 months ago
Beginning Life End
Scream, it’s your first breath. Rolling over to sitting up, then crawling to walking and before you know it, you're running. Long blissful days turn into school hours of fun, your recess turns to stud...
Jessica Dumas7 months ago
Dementia Doesn't Mean Demented
"So you think I’m crazy?" It was shortly after my husband was diagnosed with vascular dementia that he had another minor stroke. He had just turned 71 but you wouldn't guess that by his smooth complex...
Pearl Fisher7 months ago
The Hill
And do I really want to be on the other side?
Iria Vasquez-Paez7 months ago
Longevity: Why I Want to Make it to the Next Century
I want to see what happens to the human race and this planet for one. For another, I would like to finish my life’s work. I know that type-1 diabetes means my life expectancy is 69, but come on. Serio...
Mariah Harvey8 months ago
Adulting Is Fun (Totally Sucks)
Do you remember the nostalgia of your childhood? Running down the streets, playing tag amongst other things, and summer vacations. God, I loved summer vacation. The feeling of the last day of school. ...
Dr. Williams9 months ago
When Time Marches On
Ask anyone when they reach a certain age if they are more fearful or less adventurous? My guess is that the older one gets the more apprehensive and fearful with each passing year we seem to be. When ...
Corey groves10 months ago
Sex & Short Term Memory
It's safe to say that being sexually active has its fair share of benefits. It helps lower your blood pressure, boosts your immune system, improves heart health, and the list goes on. But what about t...