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Anita M.
in Culture

On the cusp of my fiftieth birthday, different friends would ask me how it felt to turn fifty. I gave the same answer to all, it feels the same as 49. Imagine my dismay on the eve of said birthday whe...

How a Work Related Back Injury Affected More Than My Health

Philip P.
in Entertainment

I had always known of the safety regulations at work—watching those boring videos about onsite safety and procedures. It wasn't until I experienced my own work-related back injury that I realized the ...

Holding The Hands Of Saints

Isiaha Alejandro
in Culture

“You are a crook!!!!” “This is highway robbery!!!” “I’m gonna just pee in the hallway!!!” “I will catch you in the parking lot!!!” “I wish you could feel what I feel so you know the pain!!” Patient ca...

Dear Drew

Madawna Bristow
in Beauty

Dear Drew, Like so many women my age (no I am not disclosing that information here), I spent my younger days consumed in agonizing adoration of you. You were the pinnacle of beauty, freedom, daisies a...

Making Fun of My Own Trauma

Casey Rose
in Humor

Six days after my 11th birthday, the morning after the Year 6 exams, when my whole class had gone out to an indoor activity thing, (God knows if I can remember the name, not that it matters anymore!) ...

Why Your Skin Doesn't Need to Degenerate with Age

Emily Holland
in Beauty

Our skin is the largest organ and renews itself every 28 days while shedding 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute. The health of our skin goes far beyond what we put on it but what state our ...

The Most Important Skincare Step: Serums

Emily Holland
in Beauty

Most cleansing routines look like this: remove your makeup with a cleanser. Exfoliated dead skin cells away and restore the pH balance with a toner. The chances are you're reaching for your moisturize...

Containing The Taste Of The Sun, Asparagus Increases Libido

Marlene Affeld
in Beauty

Asparagus, also known as sparrow grass, aspharagos or spearage, is a favorite vegetable of many cultures around the world. In his popular book, “Stalking The Wild Asparagus,” renowned naturalist Euell...

A Different Kind of Positive

Timothy Zawodny
in Culture

My driving motivations and how I’m trying to change my life are much more complicated than I had originally expected. Right about the time that I quit smoking the thought was that I would simply attem...

You Don't Have to Live with Adult Acne

Kandii Kiss
in Beauty

If you are reading this, it's because you or someone you know is dealing with adult acne. It is such a downer to go through day to day life already stressed as is about work, rent, bills, etc. But now...

Menopausal Madness

Carla Day
in Science

My take on menopause was that I was going to, maybe, get a couple of hot flashes, in my early fifties, a slight change in my body and the end of periods forever more (yeay). No more hormonal outbursts...

Tired And Sluggish? Go Pro!

Marlene Affeld
in Buyer's Guide

Today it seems you can’t pick up a magazine or watch a television commercial without being inundated with advertisements touting the health benefits of probiotics. If you have digestive tract problems...

A Shock Absorber For Your Joints

Marlene Affeld
in Science

SAM-e supplement (S-Adenosyl methionine), pronounced as “Sammy”, is a synthetic form of a naturally-occurring amino acid derived from an essential sulfur-containing amino acid known as methionine, an ...

The Tediousness of Adulthood

Brooklyn M.
in Culture

Imagine this: It's Saturday night. A teenage girl has money to blow, friends to hang out with, and a night without her parents. What does she do? In some circles, she might throw a party. In others, s...

Wait, Weight?

Art Creeps
in Culture

The picture above is a selfie I took before the gym. I decided to take this picture, just so I could post it on my Instagram account. Maybe for some motivation . Before the age of 33, I'd always been ...

Scary Health

Bob Kaden
in Culture

I’m a worrier. Wish I weren’t. Stiff back might be a slipped disc. Headache a brain tumor, bump certainly cancer. The question becomes are these things worth the worry? At too young an age, I lost sev...