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Indy Summers7 hours ago
Unique Ways to Improve Your Well-Being
Whether you're feeling run down physically, emotionally, or mentally, it can be difficult at times to get yourself back to feeling well again. Thankfully, there are many tried and tested methods that ...
Secrets to Better Yourself
There are several ways that you can improve yourself to have a mind or body that functions better. Here are some secret tips for having a body and mind that are healthier.
Paisley Hansen2 days ago
Top Supplements You Should Be Taking on a Daily Basis
While it may not be the most exciting topic to talk about, supplements are an obsession for many people around the world, especially those who like to take care of themselves and their health. A lot o...
Ross Geller5 days ago
7 Ways to Prevent Toothache and Adult Cavities
Taking care of our oral health is imperative for the health of our teeth and gums. Following are seven ways to prevent toothache and cavities in adults:
Cynthia Perez10 days ago
Mind Body and Spirit
So I came across this in a group that I’m a part of and thought... this is the most accurate thing I’ve read in terms of health and self care. Now some people wonder how does this relate to health or ...
Michelle Rebecca10 days ago
5 Tips to Reduce Back Pain from Sitting at a Desk
More than half of all formal and modern professionals today involve some form of a sedentary lifestyle—with the common one being spending at least five hours a day sitting, or working while sitting at...
Jade Pulman12 days ago
Beauty Sleep: More Important Than You Think
There are many reasons why sleep is important.
Best Tips on How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle in a Relationship
Everyone understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle. After all, it can give you much more than just a beautiful body and good health. If your beloved partner shares your healthy lifestyle, you ...
Evie Mills14 days ago
Putting to Bed
Three of the most common causes of sleepless nights.
Paisley Hansen17 days ago
How to Stay in Shape When Change Happens
Life offers a lot of different changes, and how, or when, you exercise may not always look the same. This can be challenging, because you may stop exercising all together, and start to live a sedative...
Megan Long20 days ago
My Spoonie Essentials
Living with Chronic pain/illness makes daily life much more challenging. I have fibromyalgia (which means I hurt all over, I’m tired all the time, and this really sucks), and have acquired, both befor...
Kari Oakley21 days ago
Natural Ways to Improve Your Overall Health and Well-Being
In order to be happy and healthy, you need to constantly work on your mental and physical health. There's more to achieving happiness than eating healthy and exercising. Not only do you need to nurse ...
Sasha McGregor22 days ago
10 Ways to Beat Dust and Pollen Allergies
Two of the top allergens are dust and pollen. Keeping these two substances from turning your life into an endless cycle of sneezes and itchy eyes is not easy when you're susceptible to them, but it ca...
Shi Newa month ago
9 Tips for the Vegan and Vegetarian Beginner!
At the end of 2015 I began a a fitness journey. No, I didn’t not stop eating meat at that point. I began meditating and being intentional in the effort to lose weight and to change my diabetic status....
Nancy Da month ago
10 Tips to Help You Quit Smoking
So you're trying to quit nicotine. Congratulations! You are about to go on a long and frustrating journey... This won't be easy, but the reward is worth it. You feel so much better once you are living...
Hillary Tailora month ago
Shoulder Labral Tear: Symptoms and Treatment
Different parts of the body have been designed in such a way to be able to perform a number of countless tasks, and the shoulder joint is especially intricate. As one of the most complex joints in the...
Claire Petersa month ago
Tips for Thriving with a Disability
Living with a disability can be frustrating. Some disabilities make everyday tasks a little more difficult, while others make them almost impossible. But no matter what your challenge is, there is oft...
Robin Watts2 months ago
The Greatest Hospice Volunteer
The Communication Skill You Were Never Taught