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The Purpose of Life

Ksenia Kozhenkova
in Culture

How can one answer a question that has been asked by each person on this planet? What is the purpose of life, of our being, of existing, of everything? Let's assume that the purpose of all simply does...

Running Away from Myself

Amba Em
in Culture

We live in a society where we are more educated, more advanced, and more aware of ourselves and the world we live in, yet we are still oblivious to so much that we should know. My story today is regar...

Why I Decided to Not Be Like Everyone Else!

Jacquelyn Miccolis
in Culture

In a world, full of “carbon copy” people, I decided to be me! I refuse to conform to being who others tell me I should be. Instead, I stand on my own two feet, marching to the beat of my own drum. As ...

Mirror, Mirror

Sarah Sparks
in Beauty

I have a mission for you; a little exercise in self-confidence you might call it. Most women spend a significant portion of their day looking in a mirror and assessing themselves. Usually negatively. ...

How Thinking About Sriracha Sauce Made Me a Happier Person

Bryan Levandowski
in How To

I recently learned of a crazy concept: basking in love. Yes, I realise it sounds like the title of one of those self-help books we love to hate or some a cappella song sung on the final day of a new-a...

Being an Empath

Beth Gibbons
in Culture

My entire life, I felt energies. I was unsure what was going on. I could often walk into a room and immediately pick up who was happy, who was sad, and where any tension was. I grew up thinking I was ...

Beyond Belief

Michael Thielmann
in Culture

We live in an era where beliefs can be front and center in terms of how we relate to life. What are our beliefs about ourselves, or about life as a whole? Some people have very strong religious or spi...

Walking the PMDD Labyrinth

Cheeky Minx
in Science

I recently came across a question on a PMDD forum that asked something like, "I just discovered I have PMDD. Please tell me there is something I can do to carry on with my life and responsibilities. A...

How a Work Related Back Injury Affected More Than My Health

Philip P.
in Entertainment

I had always known of the safety regulations at work—watching those boring videos about onsite safety and procedures. It wasn't until I experienced my own work-related back injury that I realized the ...

How To Manage Fear When You're Fearing The Worst

Brandon Krogel
in Science

Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions we can endure. It's consuming nature can overwhelm our thoughts, dominate our emotions and negatively influence our behavior. It is a mysteriously dark ...

A Dunning-Kruger World

Chris Pace
in Science

As a person who has lived with ADHD my entire life, I can completely understand how people who have a know-it-all attitude and who aren't afraid to voice their irrelevant opinions can be frustrating a...

Living Under the Shadow of Anxiety

Stephanie Gendron
in Science

Anxiety, another invisible illness. How can I possibly justify my illness? How can I prove that I have chemical imbalances in my brain? Are they going to believe me, or think I'm too sensitive and str...

How I Reignited My Passion

Tristan Ramos
in Culture

A few years ago, I started a journal. We were about to move to America, and I wanted a way to document my journey to a different country. I remembered being excited, feeling that I would cherish it fo...

The Greatest Privilege

Justin-James Gignac
in Science

We live in a universe where our greatest privilege is life itself, death the inescapable reality governed by space and time. But humans are a death-denying species, constantly forgetting the renewal t...

“Get Over It!”

Nicky Bennett
in Culture

Get over it. Get over it... Get over it! A simple phrase, but a statement that hurts immensely. There is no sharper knife than when you have experienced something physically or emotionally painful and...

Depression: 27 Years

Jesse Horton
in Culture

Hello, there! My name is Jesse. I'm 27 years old, and I was born in New Jersey. I now reside in North Carolina with my fiancee. I'm writing this as a way of not only venting, but to spread awareness t...