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Marie Nieves5 days ago
How to Prevent Skin Cancer
More than 2,000 people die of skin cancer in Australia every year. It’s an extremely serious condition that needs to be treated as carefully as possible. Luckily, when detected early, most types of sk...
Kevin Gardner8 days ago
3 Things You Can Do at the Gym to Exercise Your Mind
It's important to stay active and healthy, so going to the gym is a logical choice. However, two things happen when we go to the gym: First, we might have trouble occupying our thoughts as we push thr...
Sleep Sherpa10 days ago
Sleep Inertia
We are all familiar with that feeling during the first 15-minutes after waking up in the morning. Our eyes are crusty, our breath stinks, our hair is a mess, and we feel grumpy and sluggish. Waking up...
Nancy D25 days ago
Interpersonal Wellness
I'll start by being honest... I need to work on my interpersonal wellness. Which is exactly why I don't want you feeling bad if you need to work on yours too.
Ruthie Darlinga month ago
An Unexpectedly Fabulous Side Effect of Not Drinking
Last week, a professional chef invited me to his house for dinner—a six-course meal that included homemade pork sausages, beef meatballs, lamb, spinach risotto, ravioli, a cheese board, and a three-ti...
Wendy Desslera month ago
Signs of Dehydration and When to Drink More Water
Everyone knows that drinking water is important to good health and well being, but most of us don’t know how important. Well, the truth is that water is actually more important than food. I say this b...
Kevin Gardnera month ago
5 Non-Secrets to Living a Long, Healthy Life
If you are one of the many people who say they would love to live a longer and healthier life if only it were easier, get ready to change your life. The following are easy-to-follow tips to help get y...
CosCom Writersa month ago
How to Drink Water to Prevent Bad Breath and Sweat Odor
As an etiquette when dealing with people, bad breath and sweat odor are embarrassing. It is quite difficult to notice the smell of oneself by yourself, but if possible, it is better to prevent it so t...
Kari Oakleya month ago
What You Need to Know Before You Go Under the Knife
Finding out all the facts before you make your big decision
Paisley Hansena month ago
How to Stay Organized as a Personal Trainer
There is a new wave of fitness and health hitting the United States of America. Our media and culture value thin torsos, strong legs, and chins with only one chin. Healthy fast food options have becom...
Mai Chaia month ago
7 Ways to Overcome the Chronic Pain Blues
The past week has been a bit low for me. I still can't figure out what the trigger was, but I am thankful I am no longer in that depressed state of mind. I know chronic pain can lead to depression, es...
Layne Radlauera month ago
To Take Hold of, To Seize
I was fourteen years old, and I had my first seizure. I was at school and walked into the wrong classroom. I woke up on the floor and wasn't able to remember my birthday, my address, or what class I m...
Paisley Hansena month ago
6 Supplements Everyone Needs for Their Health
Health supplements, in addition to eating right can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your body being able to fight off diseases; grow stronger and live longer. Prior to choosing a...
Kedy Semark2 months ago
The Ayurvedic Way of Consuming Water and Enjoying Great Health
Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural medicine that tries to relocate the body within nature. Water is the largest component of our body. Here are a few tips based on this ancient Indian system on ...
Savannah McKinley2 months ago
10 Tools to Get Excited About Getting Healthy
How many times have you scrolled through your feed and glanced through comments of followers begging influencers or public figures for the answers to these questions: How did you get your body? What’s...
Victor Acquista2 months ago
Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
Oh sleep! it is a gentle thing, Beloved from pole to pole! —The Rime of the Ancient Mariner More than one quarter of the U.S. population reports occasionally not getting enough sleep, while nearly 10%...
Kari Oakley2 months ago
Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Hips
If you have recently had a hip injury, or if you have undergone surgery, then you definitely need to implement these five easy hip exercises. Using exercise as part of your healing process allows for ...
Isla Wright2 months ago
Maximize Your Workouts
However, that isn’t always the case, and it usually means that you’re not getting the most of your workout time. In order to achieve the best results, you need to fine-tune your approach to your worko...