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T1D Christmas Wishlist

Ten must haves for the type one diabetic in your life.

Christmas is approaching and if you don't know what to get a T1D in your life, here's a list of my top ten picks! Want to treat yo' self? Go ahead! (Feel free to drop this list to a spouse or loved one, I did it myself.)

1. Myabetic Brandy Diabetic Backpack

This is the cutest backpack that is totally on trend right now but it is also very useful! It has several compartments where you can store your insulin pens, vials, as well as all your testing supplies. Aside from the room for diabetic gear, it has room for your daily items too and is not clunky or ugly like other diabetic cases. I love this in pink frost but all colors are amazing. Myabetic has other very cute bags and cases to choose from so check them out too!

2. Pump Peelz Skins

I love Pump Peelz and I have been purchasing skins for my pump for two years now. There are a variety of options and you can even customize your own pattern! They have skins for most pumps and some meters and lancing devices too. It's the perfect thing to add your personality to your pump.

3. Grifgrips Pump and Sensor Grips

I have tried all grips out there and these are BY FAR the best! The material is perfect for adhering sensors and pumps to anywhere on your skin. They come with a precut hole for your device so it fits perfectly. I have been able to wear my dexcom sensor for a month with these! 

4. Casualty Girl Pouch

This is the cutest pouch! I always misplace my pods and sensors. This would be the best place to keep them all together. It is big enough to keep a couple at a time and helps a lot when packing for travel. 

5. Frio Pack

FRIO® Large Wallet
FRIO Insulin Cooling Case - No icepacks, ever again! - Convenience, freedom, and peace of mind

These are literal lifesavers! They are submerged in water and inflate to keep your pens/vials cool. I have one on hand at all times for when I travel but they are also very handy in case of an emergency where you can't refrigerate your insulin. Quick tip: Do not put in the freezer/fridge because it will get ruined! My sister did, she assumed it went inside the fridge and that's how my first Frio pack was ruined! Oh well, you live and you learn. 

6. Pump Peelz Dexcom Skin

Gingerbread Cookies for Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitor Receiver - Pump Peelz
Constructed of durable yet eco-friendly vinyl that won’t leave a residue on your device. Engineered to ensure a perfect fit...

Another Pump Peelz post because I can't get enough. This one is for the CGMs. They have various patterns and also have it on the sensor itself. Personalization is so hot right now. 

7. Genteel Lancing Device

This is the coolest thing I have seen for diabetics in a while. It's a lancing device that is supposed to be virtually painless. You can customize the color you want and it comes with a little carrying case. From what I have read on support groups, it lives up to its claim and a lot of T1D mommies have purchased it for their little ones. I have not been able to order one of these just yet because they are a little pricey but here's to hoping my fiance reads this and "surprises" me for Christmas. *fingers crossed*

8. T1D Planner Stickers

I love to plan and these stickers are perfect to remember when you last changed your site. These stickers come with "reminders" to change your site, when you opened a new vial, and when you need to change your sensor. These are the "mini" version but they also have the full-size in stock. If you have a different pump, not to worry, there are a few designs to choose from. At $3.50 this is something a Secret Santa can get without breaking the bank. 

9. MySugr Pro App

MySugr Pro takes the idea of logging your sugars and brings it to your phone. The pro version lets you send PDFs to your doctors and add photos and locations to your entries. You "play a game" against your diabetes monster and they email you summaries every week. I love this app because it lets me see my patterns and allows me to tag things like carb guessing, stress, illness, and I can go back to it and see how it affected me so I can change my approach if needed. 

10. Diabadass Tee

Nothing makes you feel more like a badass than wearing something that reassures you of it. This tank is so cute, and Sugar Linings Swag offers men's shirts too as well as some ADORABLE cards. If you celebrate your diaversary (I do), there is a card that is just for you so let your loved ones know.  

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T1D Christmas Wishlist
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