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Lulu B. 🍁2 days ago
20 Ways to Practice Self Care
What is self care? It is a practice that allows you to know your worth. One who participates in self care has the goal of receiving positive thoughts of themselves.
Shanice Harrison12 days ago
8 Cheap and Fun Ways to Get Fit Without Going to the Gym
Are you someone who wants to get fit but doesn't have either the time or money to regularly go the gym? Or do you have a gym membership but rarely use it? Or is it that you secretly hate the gym but f...
Alix McCormick24 days ago
How to Get Back on Track
Hello my little lovelies! So two weeks ago I went to see my husband in Connecticut and I had a wonderful time seeing him. It was great seeing him after two months without personally seeing each other....
Samantha Bentleya month ago
Exercise Trends You Need to Try If You Love Yoga
Calling all my fellow yogis! I LOVE yoga, don’t you? It’s so diverse. There are so many variations, so many new things to try! When I first started yoga (almost a decade ago) it wasn’t so wide spread ...
Bethany Ashlyna month ago
Short Term and Long Term Benefits of Yoga
I've never been the biggest in fitness activities. From a very young age, I knew sports would never come naturally to me and hand-eye coordination was impossible. I did practice ballet for several yea...
Ashley Washington2 months ago
Chocolate: Guilty Pleasure or Innocent Until Proven Guilty?
TRY to imagine a world without chocolate. No more hot chocolate, hot fudge, or red velvet. Almost every type of sweet food can incorporate chocolate. The local grocery stores are filled with chocolate...
David M2 months ago
5 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Calisthenics
Let's face it. Few people actually WANT to work out. Even the people who have done it for decades with a fervor that few would understand have days more often than not where working out feels like a n...
Steph M2 months ago
How Can a Plant-Based Life Create World Change?
The rise of veganism has opened a lot of minds and raises a lot of questions about whether raising animals for food is harming our planet. It is no surprise that this is the single greatest source of ...
How I Began to Drink More Water
You read everywhere that you need to drink water every week, every day, every minute, and every second to stay healthy. However, there are challenges to that request. For some, it's not an issue based...