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A Speech

Sneezes. That weird thing that everyone does randomly. One of those things that can happen at a very awkward time. The involuntary expulsion of air from the nose and mouth. What is this and why does it happen? That uncomfortable, unwanted, and unnecessary occurrence that happens too often, to too many people. Ever thought of why all of a sudden one's body does this weird breathing fast thing that results in one spraying spit out of their mouth while their eyes are closed and being unable to stop it? Me too. Than there is the awkward slew of "bless you" when the person just sits there checking to see how bad their aim was and where their spit landed.

Sneezes leads to bless you, bless you leads to a good life. What does this mean? Science has proven that sneezing is actually good for you. Than we have the overly asked question. Why and how? The act of sneezing clears mucus from one's throat and nose as well as shoots out any unwanted particles from your lower face area.

One small sneeze from one person is one giant epidemic. When a person sneezes, they are letting their noses and mouth free to do whatever they want for a few seconds so naturally they go and make a mess. Sneezes are like little rain showers. Did you know a sneeze can make up to forty thousand little droplets? When they sneeze, all of their germs fly into the air and stay there until other people come around and touch the object that has their sneeze remains on it. This causes the germ to transfer to them and from there it takes off, thus creating a vicious cycle of illnesses being passed around.

Many people think the solution to this is catching the sneeze by holding your mouth and nose shut until it passes, but, having a cold or even a flu is a lot better than having a ruptured throat. A 34 year old man held in his high force sneeze, which caused the pressure in his throat to bust open his throat— leaving him unable to eat properly for at least a week to allow the tissue to heal. Trust him, its not worth doing.

Sneezes are very beneficial for the person making the sneeze, but not the air around them. When a person sneezes, they are getting rid of any thing inside their face that they don’t want but in turn sending it into the air to wait for someone else to come and get those unwanted things inside them. Just remember, there are always things that pollute the earth, but be a decent person and when you sneeze do it in a tissue or if you don’t have a tissue, use your sleeve, don’t sneeze into the air.