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Smart Effective Strategies to Cleanse Negative Energy

Effectively managing when we feel overwhelmed by negative energy in our lives is a similar problem that we all have battled.

Picture: Pixabay

You're sitting at home or work and all of sudden you end up with a massive headache, not knowing why. It becomes so intense that you are in dire need of some Tylenol to help stop the relentless pain protruding from your head.

When you feel this way it is usually something that has affected the overall state of your energy. One of two things are happening: you have hit an energy drainage or you picked up the pain (a headache, illness) from someone in your environment.

"Everything is energy," as stated by the infamous Mr. Albert Einstein. We know that it can neither be replaced or destroyed but simply moved from one place (or being) to another.

When we consider this reasoning then we delve into the answer as to finding out just how we acquired the headache and where it came from in the first place. 

Practice believing in yourself daily so it becomes habitual. Watch over time as your mind gradually yet naturally adapts a new way of thinking.

10 Minute Powerful Energy Cleanse/ 30 Day Challenge

This is a very highly effective video that makes the process easy by removing negative energy with sound. Music is indeed an art and in 10 minutes you will alleviate all pain, negative emotions and thoughts, and feel happier than you previously were, guaranteed!

7 Ways to Center Your Mind

Centering is a technique that helps you stay calm and grounded.

Centering generally refers to our mental and physical state of being. Centering really means to calm your emotions by slowing down your mind and your breathing to a state of alertness, and at the same time, it relaxes you. It’s often described as “Mindfulness.”

Take a brief second, think about your initial reaction in a situation where you hauled your thoughts at someone for cutting you off in traffic. At that present moment, you were the exact OPPOSITE of centered.

Realize that reacting from an emotional place of high emotion isn’t going to change whatever it is that happened to you. 

Allow yourself to process what occurred and focus on becoming centered while taking in a deep breath. Count to four and let it out, releasing the negative emotion to follow it. Then just accept what happened and slowly allow yourself to let it leave your being/mind. You have just experienced the act of centering yourself.

Here are some mindfulness tips to use daily or as needed to focus and center your mind as well as ways to ground yourself when you are feeling stressed and out of balance.

  1. Meditate daily. Start at 5 minutes and work your way up! (video below)
  2. Make time to exercise throughout the week.
  3. Listen to soft music to calm your mind.
  4. Take a walk outside.
  5. Surround yourself with nature. The trees and water in nature have a recharging effect.
  6. Write in a journal. It has a way of healing and being therapeutic for the mind.
  7. Ground yourself to keep from feeling overly stressed.

Video: Easy Effective Daily Techniques to Ground Yourself

Struggling to handle being unbalanced and still find it in ourselves to function daily is quite hard to do when you don't have the proper tools and techniques to combat the negativity that is being thrown out way on a daily basis. This video equips you to thrive and helps you get back to feeling normal again!

Energy Loss and Grounding Yourself

When you're overwhelmed you will suffer from energy loss. Lack of energy promotes the feeling of being lazy and allows you to fall back and let things or opportunities in life pass you by. 

Maybe we often struggle to control ourselves when we are overwhelmed because we look outside ourselves for solutions: social media, apps, electronic devices, coping addictions, etc.

Grounding helps you to regain focus and also reduces anxiety, which is why it's beneficial for highly sensitive people who are bombarded by outside negative energies and don't know how to handle it.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, here's a grounding technique that you can use to center yourself in less than 60 seconds.

Place one of your hands directly over the top (crown) of your head. It will immediately help to ground you more quickly.

Here's a list of some things to avoid:

  • Disconnect from your emotional attachments.
  • Step back from social media (delete/unfollow negative people or accounts).
  • Don't associate with negativity or those who engage in it in your life (friends, work, school).
  • Stop worrying about what's out of your control. You cannot control everything. Try living in the now!
Zen Goddess
Zen Goddess

Connecting with people around the world by sharing with you her writing passion. You will identify with her timeless work as you become inspired. At her lowest, she came out of it by working on her inner self and becoming a Life Coach.

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Smart Effective Strategies to Cleanse Negative Energy
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