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Should Fast-Food Companies Advertise to Kids?

An Argumentative Essay

Imagine being a 12-year old, planning to play all day with friends, only to have to stop every five minutes because of breathing problems. No not asthma. But being unable to breathe because of all the weight that is being carried. This is exactly why childhood obesity is a serious problem. People cannot feel the problems a child is facing but they can most definitely see it. So why not say something? It may seem rude but saying something could save a life. Children don't know when to stop. They don't know about calories. They just look at tv and see the good looking food and want it in an instant. And they can have it. If their parents allow them to but parents aren’t the only ones to blame. It is partially fast food companies fault too. They advertise commercials that target kids and teens, the commercials contribute to developing poor eating habits, and studies have shown that the rates of childhood obesity in america have almost tripled in the last quarter year. If those aren’t good enough reasons to stop advertising to children then let's get deeper into it.

If advertisers are targeting kids then that obviously means that they know that the kids will want to eat their food. And of course advertisers know how many calories are in the food so they chose to advertise their product even when they knew that their food would make kids overweight. So basically the health of kids does not matter to them. They only care about the money. That is very selfish of them. I think they would be able to make money by selling fresh, healthy food but no. They want to sell fatty, unhealthy foods that harm you. That's why we shouldn’t trust them. Yeah they are just trying to make money like everyone else but that doesn’t mean they have to target the kids. Just make regular advertisements and maybe the money will still come in.

Secondly, once kids eat something good, they develop a taste for it. Soon it will be something they always ask for. So if kids eat fast food they will develop a taste for it. Then, crave it. Not too much longer, it will be the only thing they want. That is not good because it is making the kid addicted. Everyone knows addiction is bad. No matter what. So why should we let it happen to the children. They don’t deserve it any more than the next guy so we should just come to a complete stop of unhealthy food. But since that won’t happen anytime soon, let's try to end the advertising first.

Now, onto the facts. As you may know, the obesity rate for children has tripled in the last quarter century. That means that 20 percent of our youth are now overweight and obesity in preschool age children is increasing at an alarming speed. Looking at those numbers and knowing that is in the country in which we live is sad. The kids do not deserve this. They do not deserve to be fed lies. Everyone should just eat healthy. That’ll put fast food places out of business until they learn how to sell real, healthy food because those numbers are ridiculous. It really needs to be rectified and in a world of healthy food, I think it would be better. People would be in shape and our obesity rates would be rapidly declining instead of increasing. Those are the kind of numbers we should try to see.

On the other hand, fast food companies are just trying to make their money. It's their job and can’t blame them for that because it's hard to make a living. But the way they handle it is not appropriate. Why target kids? They can do what they want because it is their product and they pay the money for it to be in commercials. Then again, they could just target older people that have the money and that know about calories so they can eat the food in moderation. But instead, they target an audience that doesn’t have their own money and don't know about calories so they eat how much they want. When you think about it, that is a good way to make money, but it doesn’t make is right.

In conclusion, I still firmly believe that fast food companies should not advertise to the youth because it leads to obesity. By making the ads targeted to kids makes them more money but kids fatter. It also make them develop poor eating habits and that contributes to obesity as well. Because of this, our obesity numbers have risen. All because of companies want a few extra dollars. Well when our next generation can’t walk because they cannot physically hold their weight up, then I hope they got their money's worth.

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Should Fast-Food Companies Advertise to Kids?
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