Seizures Are a Nuisance

Seizures makes family life difficult.

Is this really what is going on in my brain when I have one?

When a person sees someone having a seizure, they often panic. Some do know what to do to help ease the person. We have read articles about the types of seizures, treatments for them, and diets made for those with seizures. I haven't seen many with the thoughts and reality of a person with a seizure. But before I get into that, let me share two pics to help when you encounter a person having a seizure. This can help save this person's life.

I am thirty-one years old, a wife and a mother of three beautiful girls...and an epileptic. I love my life..except the washing clothes at a laundry mat. My daughters are getting bigger and learning more and more everyday. I love watching them play. I can do without the temper tantrums, but that is another story altogether.

The problem is that I don't know when my seizures are going to happen. I can be fine one minute, and I'm down on the floor the next. It is a nuisance, especially when I am playing with my daughters. It is scary to them. I am out of it as far as my eyes are closed and not responsive. For most of them, I can still hear. Hearing my babies crying 'mommy' and waking up to their tear-covered faces hurts so much. 

After it happens, I have to lay down for at least one hour. It takes time away from them. When I am able to get up, it's time to cook. I could have done so much with them, but the seizure and feeling after stops that from happening. My mom helps me, but it isn't her job to take care of my kids. It is mine. I hate that I need her help still at my age. For those of you who are healthy, be forever thankful. 

My husband is scared to take me out anywhere for fear that I am going to have a seizure. It is random. I can't go for long walks or get too hot, and I have to separate the times for cleaning because I can't do one right after another. I could do a whole lot of cleaning in one hour if I could just manage without feeling bad. I could have a lot more time with my family and homework if I get all the cleaning done within an hour or so. This is such a hassle, but it is something that I am having to live with.

It is a stress to need to do many things, and you can't do a lot because something triggers my brain to say ' more..time for a seizure.' (At least that is what it feels like it's saying).

Who would have thought there is more than just one kind of seizure?

seizure types
A full list of the types of epileptic seizure someone with epilepsy can have.

It is important to know the types of seizures and the symptoms that come with it. You don't want to accidentally injure the person because you did something you weren't supposed to. Please take the time to read and memorize them. I have only had the grand mal and the absence ones as far as I know. My mom says the absence one is the scariest for her. Your eyes may be open, but you are not really 'awake'. 

I know some of you may be saying, "Can't they just give you medicine or do surgery to remove it?" I wish. If that was an option, I would have done it a long time ago. I have had these since I was thirteen years old. I would gladly do the surgery if it meant I would be rid of these seizures. Medicine doesn't always work. There are many available, and you are pretty much a guinea pig of them until you find that one that really works. Frustrating!!!

Better View for Memorization

It is such a hassle to have these seizures when you are doing online schooling. You can only stare at a screen for so long before it becomes too much for your eyes and your head. When you are required to read so many chapters and articles from different web sources, you really have to pace yourself on the reading so you wont overdo it. However, it doesn't make it easy to answer questions on a Wednesday if it's on something you haven't read yet. You just have to hope that you don't get points taken off for being late. You don't ever give up on your schooling though. You can't let it control your life. You have to find ways of dealing with things around them, but you can't let it control every aspect of your life. 

I may miss out on taking my daughter to the bus stop and playtime with my babies, but I make up for it when I wake up. I hate that I have to though. Like I said, seizures are a nuisance.

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Seizures Are a Nuisance
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