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Root Chakra and Grounding Crystals and Gemstones — Get To The Point, Grimoire

A Reference List of the Metaphysical/Spiritual Properties of Root Chakra Stones and Crystals

You know what your root chakra is. You know what grounding is. You want tools to help you. I got you. 

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the images.

Red Jasper

Linked to: 6, Aries, Scorpio, Mars

Metaphysical Properties: Protections, absorbs and redirects negative energy, dowsing, balances yin/yang energy, aligns physical, emotional, and mental bodies in the etheric realm, cleansing, stabilizes aura

Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: Courage, decreases stress and worry, encourages honesty, determination, quick thinking, promotes organization, transforms ideas into action, increases libido, calms sexual aggression (helps sexual compatibility) 

Black Tourmaline

Linked to: Earth, 2, 3, 4, Libra, Capricorn 

Metaphysical Properties: Purifies/transforms dense energy into lighter vibration; balances chakras, meridians, and auric bodies; produces shields; removes blockages; blocks curses; blocks psychic attacks; can be used for scrying 

Physical/Emotional/Mental Properties: Generates electricity under pressure, helps plants grow when in soil, pinpoints the cause of problems, balances brain activity, promotes positive thinking, diffuses fear/paranoia, boosts confidence, pain reliever, detoxifies, helps dyslexia, helps understand codes/secrets (rational/critical thinking)


Linked to: Earth star (chakra), 4, Scorpio, Pluto 

Metaphysical Properties: Protection, shielding, purifying, healing, possesses ancient earth energy, enhances prophetic work

Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: Improves immune system, antioxidant, pain reliever, helps with diabetes, protects against radiation, has curing abilities when submersed in water for several hours, anti-inflammatory, helps cellular metabolism 


Linked to: Earth energy, past life activation, 9, Aquarius, Aries, Saturn 

Metaphysical Properties: Protects soul during astral travel, removes excess energy, increases yang energy, balances yin energy, dissolves negativity, protects aura, aids in soul journeying (dark night of the soul, shadow work) 

Physical/Emotional/Mental Properties: Keep stone away from fire; enhances magnetism; aids survival instincts; harmonizes mind, body, and spirit; can balance or tone down metaphysical awareness (when worn on left hand); helps confront bad karma/mistakes; boosts esteem and willpower; helps compulsive or impulsive behavior (ex. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder); helps blood flow; decreases insomnia 

Smokey Quartz

Linked to: Earth energy, 2, 8, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pluto 

Metaphysical Properties: Connects to psychopomps (guide who escorts soul in the afterlife), cleansing, protection, incarnation, point away from body to channel negative energy and increase healing (that is, if your stone is in a point) 

Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: Increases awareness/concern for environment, prevents geopathic stress, detoxifies, helps let go of toxic connections, helps accept physical self and sexuality, enhances virility, promotes pragmatic thinking, treats illnesses related to radiation, deals with depression 

Black Obsidian

Linked to: 1, 3, Sagittarius, Saturn

Metaphysical Properties: Scrying, reveals the truth of spiritual issues, soul healing, heals past lives, protection, shielding, prevents psychic attacks, spheres help with divination (scrying), wands release/protect auras, can be neutralized by selenite, brings spiritual forces into submission of conscious will (example: dealing with ego, doing shadow work), travel subconscious mind, explore ancestry, reverse abusive powers

Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: Pinpoints problems/causes of diseases, prevents blockages, prevents disempowerment, beneficial for therapy sessions, eases the effects of trauma, absorbs negativity in physical environment, clears confusion and mental distress/disorder, detoxifies, pain reliever (specifically for strain or cramping)

Snowflake Obsidian

Linked to: 8, Virgo, Saturn 

Metaphysical Properties: See Black Obsidian; purifies, balances, meditation aid 

Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: Balances body, mind, and spirit; calms emotions; increases awareness of behavior; gently releases emotional blockages (black obsidian is more intense); increases flexibility; promotes dispassion; makes isolation empowering 

Mahogany Obsidian

Linked to: 4, Scorpio, Pluto 

Metaphysical Properties: Channels nurturing aspects of earth energy, aids multi-dimensional growth, strengthens a weak aura, balances yin/yang energies, increases higher consciousnesses 

Physical/Mental/Emotional Properties: Pain reliever, stimulates/warms genitals (because it's linked to sacral chakra too), boosts compassion 

You're welcome. 

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Root Chakra and Grounding Crystals and Gemstones — Get To The Point, Grimoire
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