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Reiki Healing

What It Is and How It Works

Usui Reiki began in the late 1800s, with a spiritual quest while fasting 21 days on Mt. Koriyama, and then before his death in 1930, he made16-18 Reiki masters, according to Diane Stein’s Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to An Ancient Healing Art. Crossing Press, Berkeley, California, 1995. You see, Reiki has existed since Buddha worked on Buddhism. In other circles, Jesus may have survived his Crucifixion. He knew of Reiki, which is a Japanese word but also found in the Middle East by another name while Buddhism spread. Reiki is hands-on healing that has to do with symbols you draw on the palm of your hands.

Hands are placed on the body through clothing as Reiki can work that way. I’ve been trying to move up a level on my own since I use Reiki for many different things including just plain old pain. Cho-Ku-Rei is the first symbol, used for manifestation while Sei-He-Ki is about emotional healing, most often used by healers when somebody is distraught or upset (59).

Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is a symbol often used by targeting the mental body. You use most symbols by visualizing it in your mind, drawing the symbol on the roof of your mouth with your tongue, or drawing the symbol in the air or over the receiver’s body. You trust your intuition with what symbols to use while healing yourself or somebody else. I limit my healing to myself right now. Cho-Ku-Rei is a symbol that purifies the healer before they start healing. Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen can be used to heal with Reiki across distance, space and time (60). This symbol is a powerful one because when you use it on someone else, they will be rearranging their mental landscape for at least a week according to Stein.

Sometimes you can use color in a Reiki healing by letting the light become whatever color the light needs to be (68). I have used Reiki as energy, but I haven’t tried the color thing yet. It does take care of many an ache and pain for me though. I use Reiki daily. I have to wonder what level I’m at now. Reiki can also be sent distance in four steps, such as:

  1. Imagine being there and doing a hand’s on session.
  2. Imagine the person tiny and in your hands while healing them.
  3. Use your left knee and thigh to represent the front of the person’s body, and your right knee/thigh for the front of the person’s body. 
  4. Using a teddy bear, pillow, doll, or photograph as a surrogate” (70). In the early days of Reiki, however, people channeled their own symbol. Reiki charged hands feel hot. It is a presumption that Reiki could be used to heat up microwaveable food in a package.

Sei-He-Ki will lead to energy release. Reiki not only helps with physical pain, and can help with emotional pain as well, which can cause a long-standing health problem to heal as well as emotional problems. Some Reiki healers use spirit guides. Healers with alcohol or drug addiction problems cannot do healings and anybody under the influence of alcohol or drugs shouldn’t try. Training yourself in Reiki shouldn’t have to be expensive. Reiki healers must have proper psychic training in order to be able to serve others, as well as their Reiki knowledge. Ho-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is about having no past, present, or future, which you use to repeat the name of the person, as well as the ailment or issue. There are other Reiki symbols used that go beyond the scope of this article but they are used in many ways.

Works Cited

Stein, Diane. Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to An Ancient Healing Art. Crossing Press, Berkeley, California, 1995. 

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Reiki Healing
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