Quietly Screaming Help

Asking is half the battle.

It is never easy to admit when you need help but admittance is the first step to find people to help you with whatever the problem is; it is as simple as a passing look in someone's direction or just coming out and saying there’s a problem you need help with. It won’t make you less of a person to open up about what is bothering you; the strongest thing a person can do is admit they are weak in some areas, you admitting this can cause others to open up and admit it too. There are so many places you can go for help that it makes no sense for anyone to feel like they are alone and have no one they can talk to about any and everything. I can attest to feeling I have no one to talk to about certain things, and most of the time I try to fix what ever it is that I know needs fixing on my own, no matter how big it gets or how out of control it gets. We all have things that we need to get some help for and we all have things that no matter what goes on we will try to keep to ourselves.

It all starts when you’re a child; you're told that you have to make it on your own and you can’t ask people for help; people tell us that the only person we can depend on is ourselves and that no one will help us better than we can help ourselves. This is what makes it hard for us as adults to come to other people for help when we need it; we just don’t want to look like we can’t do anything for ourselves. Like I said earlier, it’s not about looking weak or helpless, it’s about knowing when things have gotten so out of control that you can’t handle it on your own and need to find help. Even I need help sometimes although like most I would prefer to do things on my own; I know that I am only one person and I can’t do things alone. Eventually we all have to succumb to the fact that we need someone to help us with whatever we are going through; it is perfectly fine to know your limitations and stay within them.

I would love to tell you a story about someone dealing with this and over coming it, or give a list of reasons to ask people for help when you need them; at the end of the day I would only be telling you things you already know. That is why I tend to stay away from self-help books because they don’t really help you with anything; all self-help books do is tell you things that you already know. This is usually information that you have tried to avoid, but somehow seeing it in a self-help book makes it that much clearer and makes you want to acknowledge it that much more. I find it sad that you have to go to a book to tell you what you should do when you know you should have done that all along; sometimes you need to grow up and take action for yourself. You can only go so long doing things on your own before you realize that some things can’t be done alone, and weren’t meant for doing alone.

I end this post by saying that sometimes it’s hard to admit when we need help with something and it’s even harder to let others into our inner space without knowing how they will react to it, but some things need doing. Childhood lesions are a good thing and a bad thing; because the lesions we are given as children can affect us as adults and shape the way we see the world around us. Self-help books don’t really help anyone, they just tell you what you want to hear and what you already know about yourself; so instead of taking responsibility for you actions, you have something to blame. I want to leave you with this; asking for help doesn’t make you look weak, it shows just strong you are as a person that you can admit you can’t do something on your own. Ask for help when you need it and don’t be afraid to speak up when times get to tough for you to handle alone, it can’t do no hard to try.

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