Samadhi - The 8th Limb of Yoga

BambooMoves Baltimore
in Culture

According to 'The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali,' there is a gradation of Samadhi (translated as equanimity). The subtleties of this final limb of yoga can only be understood when we begin to train the mi...

Holy Crap I'm 40: Invention Edition

Banji Ganchrow
in Entertainment

Over the course of 40 years, lots of things happen. Good things, bad things-because when you think about it, 40 years is a really long time. In 1965, when Maxwell Smart was talking on a shoe phone, no...

Don't Stress About Stress, Or It Might Kill You

Jonas Peter
in Science

You've probably heard that stress is bad for your health. It can cause a headache, muscle tension, stomach upset, anxiety, depression, overeating, and social withdrawal to name only a few of the negat...

Ways to Look Beautiful Naturally

Alicia Springer
in Science

It’s no secret that when we look our best, we also feel our best—and vice versa—but how can we feel and look beautiful naturally? A sunny disposition and a joie de vivre can go a long way in achieving...

Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

Mackenzie Lu
in Science

If you are tired of the noxious tentacles of chronic insomnia and the daily disruptive stress, it is time for you to incorporate a few yoga poses for better sleep into your pre-slumber ritual. Often, ...

Gaining Mastery of Your Senses

BambooMoves Forest Hills
in Culture

"If a man's reason succumbs to the pull of his senses he is lost. On the other hand, if there is rhythmic control of the breath, the senses instead of running after external objects of desire turn inw...

Health Benefits of Mangoes

James Porterson
in Science

The many health benefits of mangoes have made the fruit a popular choice for millions of people all over the world. Known by some as the king of fruits, mangoes can be eaten while they’re ripe or raw....

Best On-The-Go Meditation Places

David McCleary
in Culture

Of course meditating in the serene zen garden in your backyard is ideal, but it also may not be realistic depending on your living situation, which leaves us many people looking for suitable on-the-go...

What Is Floating Therapy?

Mackenzie Lu
in Science

Floating therapy, sometimes referred to as sensory deprivation, is a developing method of stress relief and relaxation used by thousands that is rapidly gaining popularity. It occurs in a floatation t...

Dharana - Concentration

BambooMoves Englewood
in Culture

“True concentration is an unbroken thread of awareness. Yoga is about how the Will, working with intelligence and the self-reflexive consciousness, can free us from the inevitably of the wavering mind...

Aliens, Pot, Native Americans, and Mental Health

Hyapatia Lee
in Culture

What the hell do aliens have to do with pot, Native Americans, and mental health? Quite a bit, actually! Many tribes across the Americas have legends of aliens, or Star People, bringing cannabis to th...