Honor the Warriors on World Bipolar Day

Christina St-Jean
in Culture

March 30 is the day upon which those individuals who cope with bouts of extreme depression and mania on a regular basis fight to raise awareness about their condition. On World Bipolar Day, the Intern...

Healthy Alternatives to Incense

Anthony Gramuglia
in Buyer's Guide

The scent of incense burning often signifies you've entered a spiritually pure and safe location, full of good vibes and happiness. An alternative world where the gentle smoke hanging over your head c...

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Victor Acquista
in Culture

Readers of this book about health and wellness might find it a bit odd to see the topic of forgiveness discussed as a health issue. Yet, when you consider that forgiveness is associated with many heal...

How Roasted Seaweed Supports Our Health & Wellness

Isabella Rose
in Science

For hundreds of years seaweeds have been used as food; usage in Ireland has been recorded to date back to the 12th century. Seaweeds are high in minerals, as a result of their marine growing environme...

A Beginner's Guide to Understanding GMOs

Rowan Marley
in Science

Decades ago, scientists began to realize that there were major problems with a lot of the crops that were being grown. They were being eaten by bugs, often produced way too little to be profitable, an...

Simple Things that Actually Extend Your Life

Shinji Kazuma
in Science

We all know we have one life to live, and the inevitability of our doom always hovers over us, teasing us with the prospect of living longer. You hear many complicated, unpleasant "secrets" to long li...

Selective Mutism or Shyness?

Emileigh Moore
in Science

Selective mutism is a social anxiety disorder that causes a person normally capable of speech to be unable to speak in certain situations or around certain people. When it was first discovered in 1877...

The Dirtiest Places In Your Home

Home Rev
in Culture

NOTICE: DO NOT READ THIS ARTICLE AFTER A LARGE LUNCH. Everyone thinks the dirtiest place in the home is the toilet bowl, right? You may be surprised—and disgusted—to discover that the National Sanitat...

An Exercise Prescription for You

Victor Acquista
in Science

Exercise is an important component of fitness and therefore of any wellness program. People exercise for many reasons, most commonly for weight loss, strength conditioning, improving flexibility, aero...

The Best Mobile Applications for Massages

Benjamin Weinberg
in Buyer's Guide

Everybody loves a good massage. It is an excellent way to relax, feel great, and let your worries dissolve away as your body gets to let go of some of the tension and stress that makes it both tighten...

How Parents Can Teach Happiness To Kids

Mike Ferry
in Science

When I learned about the "science of happiness" several years ago at an education conference, it changed my life as a teacher and a father. My understanding of both education and parenthood altered fo...