How to Know...and Slow...How Fast You’re Aging

David McCleary
in Science

Wе all have a personal aging pattern that has little to do with the calendar and everything to do with how well we cope with stress, how successful we are at relationships, and whether we approach lif...

Frequently Asked Health Questions

Alicia Springer
in Science

There are questions about all areas of health—from fitness to diet to vitamin supplements—that many people have but don't know who to ask. Many worry they should already know the answers to their ques...

Write For Longevity Today

Longevity Staff
in Culture

Longevity has now joined the Vocal platform, letting people from all over the world contribute to the health, wellness, and fitness community.

How to Stay Human

Kim Stetz
in Culture

I am not alone in total confusion with the prospect of our President-elect moving into the White House. In waking up November 9th after a few hours sleep, I was grateful I wasn't alone in befuddlement...

Healthy Eating Habits

Alissa Bourne
in Culture

When it comes to dispensing health advice, it seems impossible to prescribe strictly one method for a group of individuals; We’re all motivated differently. For example, some people prefer weaning off...

The Ego

Jackie Mazzarella
in Science

What is the ego? There has been talk of this going on as far back as Freud however there is such a variety of interpretation that it seems to fall somewhere in the area of mysticism. It is something t...

Holy Crap I'm 40: Mother-in-Law Edition

Banji Ganchrow
in Entertainment

As little girls, some of us dream of getting married. Fairy tales don't help the situation. In fact, the girl who kissed the frog and turned him into a prince really should have done the opposite beca...

Meal Portion Control Tips

James Porterson
in Science

Most weight-conscious Americans know the hazards of overeating: Too-fat bodies age faster and are at higher risk for life-threatening diseases. But calorie-counters who focus more on what they take in...

Exercise and Illness

Alicia Springer
in Science

Statistics show that people who work out regularly are less likely to develop cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. This is common knowledge, but what about the lesser illnesses like sore throats, runn...

Culture in 70% of the World Involves Being In or Under the Water 

Dan Volker
in Culture

Call it Snorkeling or Freediving, it is a sport most families could enjoy together. While it will be more fun, more rapidly, if you begin with an instructor for at least one pool session for basic ski...

The Healthiest, Tastiest Whole Grain Breads and Rolls

Sarah Quinn
in Culture

Sure, we all love shoving crunchy baguettes and soft white fluffy dinner rolls and pillowy, garlicky naan by the truckload into our faces, but there comes a time when we realize that our waistlines ar...