The Silent Killer: Quiet BPD

Katlynn landry
in Science

From a young age I knew something was odd about me. I could never quite deal with emotions or distinguish one from another. They all always felt like too much for me to handle. I never expressed this ...

Nine Years

J.C. Marie
in Culture

When I was around 12 years old, I began experiencing some back pain. Nothing serious, but deep aches and soreness that would hang around for a few hours before disappearing. Always in my lower back, b...


Martha Chown
in Culture

Pat Benatar would have us believe ‘Love is a Battlefield’. Though that may be true, I believe the greatest battle each of us faces every day is in our mind. The average person has 40,000-70,000 though...

Just Keep Swimming

Sarah Sparks
in Science

For years I have struggled with an unnamed illness that just didn't seem to have a cause. My test results would come back clear. There was no diabetes, Lupus, STDs or arthritis. I'd been diagnosed wit...

My Story: Diagnosis and Battle

Khushbu Kheti
in Science

It was by pure chance that I went to the emergency room one day in May. I had packed my work bag thinking I would be in and out within two hours, but that wasn’t the case. Who knew what I thought was ...

Open Letter to My Generation

Tomás Brandão
in Culture

I'm writing this letter with hopes that those who suffer alone or are deemed lesser can get a bit of piece of mind! My point is that many of us are lost, within many degrees of lost, many of us suffer...

How I Loved My Depression

Stephanie Davidian
in Culture

It was a comfortable retreat: the familiar sadness, the open arms of melancholia that was constantly there for me. I knew I could always turn to It. I knew that no matter what, I always had It. It. Th...

MediTation Before MediCation

Michael Thielmann
in Science

Having been engaged in the mental health system as a youth and going on to become an addiction/mental health worker myself, I feel I have a duty to share my story in hopes of empowering others who may...

Shifting Perspectives

Nikao Faith
in Culture

In analyzing situations, regrettably, by the process of deduction, I concluded that it all looked unfavorable. Thoughts of regular bills mounting, new bills surfacing weekly, questionable developments...

All I Have Known

Wynne DM
in How To

A Disclaimer: I am not a nice person. I should explain. I have stopped being a patient person willing to give gentle answers or nudges into the right direction. I'm friendly and open-minded... But I am also unwilling to put up with crap. I am not the last person to feel this way, and I will never stop being the last person to feel this way. I will write in here about... well... everything. My life isn't particularly interesting these days, but I'm a little neurotic, so that might prove amusing. ...

Acid Reflux Disease Can Be A Killer!

Marlene Affeld
in Science

The American College of Gastroenterology reports that more than 15 million Americans experience heartburn symptoms every single day. In the United States alone, pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter me...