15 Essential Health Based TED Talks

Shinji Kazuma
in Entertainment

TED Talks are academic level lectures that bring the complicated and lofty studies on business, science, and health down to earth. Each video packs tons of incredible, life-altering information into b...

How to Pick Up Any Language, Anywhere, and Better Your Soul

Dylan Scott
in Culture

Quick question: what is that thing, that marvelous thing, that makes living in another culture so... soul-satisfying? There is a Chinese proverb: "to learn a language is to have another window from wh...

5 Symptoms of an Underactive Thyroid

Michelle O'Leary
in Science

The thyroid gland is one of the most important regulatory glands in our body, the master of metabolism. The hormone it produces regulates the metabolic processes of the body and affects many organ sys...

Guilt, Blame, and Shame

Hyapatia Lee
in Culture

Guilt, blame, and shame have only one genuine purpose and that is to lead us to better choices. They should not be used as weapons in the lives of other adults. We need to use these tools in positive ...

Holy Crap I'm 40: Sagging Edition

Banji Ganchrow
in Entertainment

I am writing this one right after turning 40. The reality has set in. This is it. I am not going to anymore sweet 16's, unless my sons decide that they want to have one. I will not be making out with ...

Places to Travel to Improve Your Health

Suki Tranqille
in Culture

Some travel for leisure, others travel for business - for me, traveling to healthy spaces and healing places for the purposes of rejuvenating my body and spirit continues to be the number one motivati...

What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Gary Ayd
in Science

This article is about an extremely common, yet fairly unknown disorder. We will give you seven signs of leaky gut syndrome (LGS) as well as causes, prevalence and some ways to treat it. First, let's s...

Zen and the Art of Mindfulness at Work

Tom Greene
in Culture

What do some of the largest employers in America, the U.S. military, and ivy-league business schools have in common? MINDFULNESS. Big, forward-thinking organizations are leading the movement toward cr...

Brighten Your Day by Doing These Amazing Things

Ivenuel Perdomo
in Entertainment

I: Listen to music. Happiness is dance music. I know it's very tempting to listen to songs that match your mood but don't you think that is slightly masochistic? I always question why I am listening t...

Holy Crap I'm 40: Aerobic Edition

Banji Ganchrow
in Humor

There are some amazing looking women in their 40s. How do they do it? I know that it is important to keep moving, which is ironic because it gets so much easier to hurt yourself as you age. If I bend ...

I Bought the Sun for a Dollar

Gary Starta
in Buyer's Guide

You’re probably familiar with the concept of six degrees of separation, whereby you and everyone on the planet can be connected through a chain of no more than five intermediaries. This small world th...