Ah-Chew...Part Deux

Christina Pirello
in Culture

As we move into spring, have you noticed your appetite change? Do you want less food? Do you crave lighter fare? Mother Nature guides us season to season with foods to keep us comfortable no matter th...

EOS: Fun Flavored Lip Balm Spheres

Amanda Zylstra
in Buyer's Guide

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a company that makes unique sphere-shaped lip balms. These lip balms are unique due to their ball shape and are easy to find when thrown into your purse o...

Posture and Spine Pain

Kenneth Cox
in Science

Most of the time your spine is fairly durable and flexible enough to absorb the extra pressure from sitting or standing in positions the place added strain on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. ...

My Go-To Morning Infusion Can Increase Our Lifespan

Dubraska Lima
in Science

When my doctor finally (for the first time in my life) told me that I was doing something good with my daily routine, it shocks me, especially because this was about the amount of coffee I'm drinking....


Christina Pirello
in Culture

As April showers replace March’s chill, many of us rejoice at the thought of spring. But then there are the more than 50 million Americans who dread the blossoms on the trees, the pollen in the air be...

Not Guilty

Vikki Sinclair
in Culture

Things we need to stop feeling guilty for

How To Clean Your Coffee Maker in 3 Simple Steps

Home Rev
in Culture

Your coffee maker has more germs and bacteria than your bathroom door handle and toilet seats. According to the NSF International Household Germ Study in 2011, of the surveyed households, 50% of coffe...

Is It Possible to Replace Sleep With Five Daily Naps?

Anthony Gramuglia
in Science

In a twenty-four hour day, a normal human can spend eight to ten hours sleeping – almost half the day, devoted to recovering from the first fourteen to sixteen hours. While many people long for the co...

Walks in the Park

Benjamin Weinberg
in Culture

With the constant temptations of technology, the Internet, endless entertainment options, and other distractions, it is all too easy nowadays to get caught up in work, school, and other commitments wi...

Mental and Social Woes of Suspicion

RJ Plant
in Science

Welcome back! Good to see ya, nice to meet’cha, let’s dive right in! Today’s topic is solely focused on suspicion and how it can affect your social life and mental processes. Of course, it’s only reas...

Project Semicolon Founder Dies At 31

Christina St-Jean
in Culture

One person can truly make a difference. Amy Bleuel was proof of that. Someone who dealt with mental illness herself, Bleuel wanted to honor her father, who had died of suicide. She chose the semicolon...