Being an Empath

Beth Gibbons
in Culture

My entire life, I felt energies. I was unsure what was going on. I could often walk into a room and immediately pick up who was happy, who was sad, and where any tension was. I grew up thinking I was ...

Autism Isn't Abnormal

Rebecca Sharrock
in Science

The definition of a disability is to be someone with certain characteristics that are different to most people. A neurotypical person on the other hand is defined to have characteristics that fit soci...

Beyond Belief

Michael Thielmann
in Culture

We live in an era where beliefs can be front and center in terms of how we relate to life. What are our beliefs about ourselves, or about life as a whole? Some people have very strong religious or spi...

Turning Point: Part 3

Kyleigh Baltz
in Fiction

How are we on a scale of one to ten? Could you tell me what you see? Do you wanna talk about it? How does that make you feel? Have you ever took a blade to your wrists? Have you been skipping meals? We're gonna try something new today How does that make you feel? Hold me close, don't let go Watch me burn... Hold me close, don't let go Watch me burn... Hold me close, don't let go Watch me burn... In this hospital for souls... Hospital for souls, Bring me the Horizon. Raven's POV: When I woke up I...

Walking the PMDD Labyrinth

Cheeky Minx
in Science

I recently came across a question on a PMDD forum that asked something like, "I just discovered I have PMDD. Please tell me there is something I can do to carry on with my life and responsibilities. A...

Why It Is Essential to Have Happiness in Your Life

in Entertainment

One thing I have realized over the last couple years is that I let my happiness slip away. I can't tell you exactly how or when I lost it because it went away piece by piece, without even having any c...

Dancing With Death—Frightening and Freaky Facts About Crystal Meth Addiction

Marlene Affeld
in Culture reports, “Once stereotyped as a 'biker drug,' meth has a broad new consumer base. It is commonly used by the gay community, blue collar workers, young professionals, college students, m...

Living with Depression and Anxiety

Sarah Sparks
in Culture

I suffer from several mental health conditions: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, disordered eating, and neurotic issues. Over the last several years, I fell into a black hole of depression ...

The Assignment That Got Too Personal

Isobel Ledger
in Culture

When you're a theatre student, everything is personal. It's impossible for it not to be because you feel everything you say and you, in turn, say what you feel. During my time at college studying Acti...

How a Work Related Back Injury Affected More Than My Health

Philip P.
in Entertainment

I had always known of the safety regulations at work—watching those boring videos about onsite safety and procedures. It wasn't until I experienced my own work-related back injury that I realized the ...

Marvel & Fending Off Weltschmertz

Michelle Espinosa
in Culture

Did anybody else notice how solemn Marvel's film Captain America Civil War is? The tone and mood are very grim. Yet, can Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the writers, be blamed? Think about it?...

How To Manage Fear When You're Fearing The Worst

Brandon Krogel
in Science

Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions we can endure. It's consuming nature can overwhelm our thoughts, dominate our emotions and negatively influence our behavior. It is a mysteriously dark ...

A Dunning-Kruger World

Chris Pace
in Science

As a person who has lived with ADHD my entire life, I can completely understand how people who have a know-it-all attitude and who aren't afraid to voice their irrelevant opinions can be frustrating a...

Turning Point: Part 2

Kyleigh Baltz
in Fiction

Believe me when I tell you that I've been persistent, 'Cause I'm more scarred, more scarred than my wrist is, I've been trying too long, with too dull of a knife, But tonight I made sure that I sharpened it twice, I never bought a suit before in my life, But when you go to meet god, you know you wanna look nice.Bullet, Hollywood undead. RAVEN'S POV: I woke up, feeling pain all over my body. My head, my thighs, wrists, basically everywhere. This isn't what I thought the underworld and eternity wo...

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Cheryl S
in Culture

Breathe in, breathe out. It's all about the cycle. I've had symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) since I was five years old. I've been accused of faking it, or being an unwitting slave to t...

Living Under the Shadow of Anxiety

Stephanie Gendron
in Science

Anxiety, another invisible illness. How can I possibly justify my illness? How can I prove that I have chemical imbalances in my brain? Are they going to believe me, or think I'm too sensitive and str...