Why Tai Chi? The Best Reasons to Begin

Sarah Quinn
in Culture

Imagine yourself standing on on the bank of a calmly flowing river, your mind clear, your body moving with grace and purpose through the space around you. Feel more relaxed already? If you’ve never tr...

Weightlifting Myths for Women

George Gott
in Science

Within the bodybuilding culture, falsehoods and misinformation exist for both sexes, but there are some weightlifting myths for women specifically. Should women lift? Will they be seen as masculine? I...

Do Cleanses and Detoxes Actually Work?

Alysha DePerna
in Culture

Health crazes are nothing new, and neither are cleanses for that matter. Colon cleanses, juice cleanses, sugar detoxes, fruit detoxes – if you’ve ever read a magazine, watched TV, or scoured the Inter...

How to Handle Cyber Bullying

Alexa Curtis
in Culture

When I started blogging at twelve, I never thought I could turn a website into a business. My ultimate plan was to inspire other young adults and escape the bullying I was enduring in high school. Mak...

Foods You Didn’t Know Were Vegan

Alicia Springer
in Science

Are there any foods you didn’t know were vegan? Vegans are usually a label-reading bunch. There are many relatively well-concealed animal ingredients in seemingly unlikely foods, so most vegans become...

Vegetarian Food Bloggers Who Will Become Your Gurus

Sarah Quinn
in Culture

There’s nothing worse than staring at the same old salad, day after day, feeling totally uninspired and blah about being a vegetarian. Enter food bloggers Kate, Beth, Kelsey, Laura, Jeanine, and Sarah...

How to Balance Your Chakras

George Gott
in Science

According to the different traditions and practices there are thousands of chakras, the energetic vortices that receive, assimilate and radiate life energies. The widely known are the seven major chak...

Family Stress Impacts Your Health

Jeremy Frommer
in Science

Every family has its share of fights, which can be good since holding back and suppressing negative feelings can make you sick. But if family squabbles go unresolved and become prolonged conflicts, th...

How to Power the Brain

Aunt Mary
in Buyer's Guide

Over five million North Americans are going to die or suffer needlessly from a variety of ailments this year. Don't be one of these statistics. Brain Fuel by Joe Schwarz is full of little-known inform...

What it’s like to be a Young Writer

Benjamin Wareing
in Culture

Writers are either glorified in a romantic blaze of sexual poetry and moonlight skies under a French music serenade, or their vilified under immense stress, gross pay and little to no career-based rec...

Celebrity Food Intolerances

Banji Ganchrow
in Entertainment

Over 50 million americans suffer from some sort of food allergy. They can develop at any stage of life, but are most commonly diagnosed in babies and small children. You can outgrow many of this aller...