For Successful Weight Loss Lose the Labels

Ann Musico
in Beauty

Do you label some foods “good” and some “bad?” That habit may be sabotaging your weight loss success more than you realize. While certain foods may have less than healthy aspects, good and bad are sub...

Start Your Meditation with Contemplation

BambooMoves Forest Hills
in Science

When I first started meditating it was so difficult. My mind was everywhere and with each thought a strong emotion followed. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster and thought, “why in the h...

How To Qualify for the Boston Marathon

Nadia Neophytou
in Culture

In 22 easy steps.

Beat Up Diabetes Before It Beats You Up

Ljubinko Zivkovic
in Science

It was one of those standard New Year’s resolutions that always pops up in your mind, but you never really get to it - get a full medical check-up and keep it a regular thing. After all, it was practi...

Top 5 Natural Cleaning Solutions

Home Rev
in Entertainment

An International Longitudinal Study found that the use of common household cleaning sprays, even as little as once per week, is linked to chronic adult asthma and childhood throat problems. These comm...

Star Trek-Like Tricorders Revolutionize Digital Healthcare

Susan Fourtané
in Science

The Star Trek series have been a source of inspiration for researchers, engineers, and designers once again. Qualcomm, a global leading semiconductors and telecommunications equipment company that des...

Best Running Shoes to Burn Off Your Winter Fat

Trent Cooper
in Buyer's Guide

Summer’s coming, whether you like it or not. The inevitable heat and rolling waves of beach goers will leave you feeling guilty when you look down at your prized gut you dedicated so much time to this...

Spring Cleaning Meditation

Home Rev
in Entertainment

March 20th is the first day of spring (although winter seems to be overstaying its welcome). You know what the first day of spring means—spring-cleaning is officially here! April is the perfect, rainy...

Ah-Chew...Part Deux

Christina Pirello
in Culture

As we move into spring, have you noticed your appetite change? Do you want less food? Do you crave lighter fare? Mother Nature guides us season to season with foods to keep us comfortable no matter th...

EOS: Fun Flavored Lip Balm Spheres

Amanda Zylstra
in Buyer's Guide

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is a company that makes unique sphere-shaped lip balms. These lip balms are unique due to their ball shape and are easy to find when thrown into your purse o...

Posture and Spine Pain

Kenneth Cox
in Science

Most of the time your spine is fairly durable and flexible enough to absorb the extra pressure from sitting or standing in positions the place added strain on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. ...