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10 Best Online Eyeglass Stores

Amanda Zylstra
in Buyer's Guide

There are countless websites that sell eyewear. With so many choices available, it's hard to know which sites are the best to meet all of your eyeglass needs. The list below features the top ten best ...

A Lot of Positivity in a Little Book

Yvonne Glasgow
in Buyer's Guide

If you’ve ever had a difficult day or even a difficult moment, it’s likely you’ve wished someone had the right words to say to you to help talk you down or help make you feel better. Sometimes all you...

How To Remove Common Stains

Home Rev
in Culture

Life is messy, and spills and stains are a part of that mess. You shouldn’t have to worry about enjoying a glass of red wine on the couch or a scrape on the floor when moving your coffee table. To mak...

Break Out Your Crazy Socks! It's World Down Syndrome Day

Christina St-Jean
in Culture

Those with the chromosomal condition known as Down Syndrome have often been referred to as "angels on Earth," and the hope is that World Down Syndrome Day will raise awareness about the condition and ...

Going Organic: What Making the Switch Really Entails

Rowan Marley
in Culture

Going organic used to be something that was onc relegated to the circles of "extreme hippies" and natural health nuts. However, as years passed and awareness of the potential pitfalls of pesticides, m...

Hacks for Working Out Inside

Annie Kiely
in Beauty

When the days are short and the weather is brutal, many people find they are lacking the time and motivation to get to the gym. The good news is there are plenty of ways you can get your exercise in f...

From Roamer to Runner

Martin Skate
in Culture

First off, I know I know, talking about running is boring. Borrrrrrring. I know. It’s not an article on carb-loading and tips on how to avoid a stitch (for that, check out my article ‘Carb Loading and...

What Are Sunshades?

Home Rev
in Buyer's Guide

You have likely seen cars with sunshades in the back windows. You may have wondered about their purpose. Why not just wear sunglasses? What is the role and importance of sunshades and shields? HomeRev...

Meditation Tips to Ease Anxiety

Anthony Gramuglia
in Culture

Anxiety can sometimes seem like some grotesque, irresistible monster that demands of us our life, health, peace of mind, and time. Time most of all. It so often robs us of time and life. Time to breat...

6 Ways To Improve Your ER Visit

Ellie Guzman
in Culture

Last year, I worked as an ER medical scribe and was present for over three thousand patient encounters. I was there for cases with people who had chronic conditions, people who felt ill for a couple d...

Hitting the Gym: A Test of Willpower

Benjamin Weinberg
in Culture

It’s a constant struggle. The motivation and perseverance needed to go work out after a long day at the office, school, etc. It’s become such a growing part of our society especially with the modern a...