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Our Untapped Inner Power

Finding Your Own Path to Enlightenment

Finding Your Own Path to Enlightenment

Have you ever awakened one day, from a restless night of sleep, thinking that something was missing or something was wrong? However, you didn't know or could not even figure out what this emptiness feeling inside is. Many of us feel an emptiness inside, a hole, lack, missing or misplaced in life. This can manifest even further to not knowing how to find one's purpose in life and end up completely lost in the Universe. 

Let me tell you this, and listen good! "STOP," literally just "STOP" that thought. If you continue to focus on that thought and feeling, you will never find your purpose and will become fully engulfed in that feeling.

So change your perspective. How do you do this if you're so engulfed in the feeling of emptiness? Instead of thinking of this in a negative way, make it positive. Focus and tell yourself "I have created an emptiness inside so that the Universe, God, or Prime Source may fill it with love, joy, and purpose." Easier said than done, you say! Well, let me explain something to you about frequency and I will make it very simple. 

Everyone knows the difference between the feeling of "Anger" vs. the feeling of "Happiness." Your "Inner Frequency" is not so different. When you are walking around Happy and full of Joy. The Universe will send you more of that feeling and everything that can come with it to bring you even more of that same feeling. It may be something you have always wanted or more of what you have, like money. Now, the same principle applies to the negative side. If you are angry at the world you will find your self in a fight or argument on the street, or even worse.  

Knowing what frequency you are in is very simple. Think of it like a mood elevator. Take a moment and just think of how you're currently feeling. For example we will say you are just feeling OK, not really happy, not really sad. You are in the middle, so what would you need to do to get you to that feeling of happiness and love? How about a favorite love story that brings you to tears or maybe singing your favorite song. If you can move your heart to that love zone you are raising your frequency. When you are in that highest frequency of happiness love you are in what is called "Creator Mode" and can then manifest and attract all you desire in life.  

You are not a robot to have a "pre-set" purpose in life. You do not live by a script. "YOU" set your own purpose in life to whatever you desire in and out of life. Many people currently are stuck in that "Routine Mode." The same thing day-in and day-out. Go for a far drive with no destination in mind and sight. Just go be spontaneous with happiness and full of joy. See what comes to you or what the universe will attract to you. You may be surprised.  

Understand and remember this! You are the "CREATOR!" This is your life, and only you can dictate what happens in and with your life! You set your own purpose and whatever you need, to accomplish your life mission, you are entitled to. Just desire it! Feel happy about it, own it as if you already have it and it will come to you. 

There is a difference between "Knowing" and "Believing." With "Knowing," nothing can change your thoughts. 

Choose to be the creator of your life and manifest it! Instead of waiting forever what you desire now! It is always better to know than it is to believe or to hope. Be the creator by knowing you are the creator.

Namaste, Peace, and Love to All!

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Our Untapped Inner Power
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