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ORIG3N DNA Tests Can Help You Get Insights into Your Health and Wellness

ORIG3N DNA tests take a different approach to the usual genetic testing kits, helping you make lifestyle choices and changes that will work for you as an individual.

First and foremost, know the things to consider before ordering an online DNA test.

Next, and more importantly, look no further than finding the right ORIG3N DNA test for you.

Scientific advancements have brought major changes to the way people approach their ancestry and individual genetics. Various companies will tell you all about your genetics, from your history to your traits. But ORIG3N DNA tests are designed a little differently, as they focus their technology on helping people make good choices and lifestyle changes based on their genetics. They offer a wide range of affordable genetic tests that can give you insights into your body and personality, and allow you to make educated choices based on the characteristics of your individual self. These choices range from finding fitness regiments that will work best for you, to taking care of your hair and skin, and to finding the right vitamins and supplements to keep yourself healthy.

Fitness DNA Test

It can be very frustrating to follow someone else's directions or fitness program... and still not see the results you want. But this can happen all the time, because every person is different, and in turn, will respond differently to various fitness regimens and exercises. ORIG3N's Genetic Home DNA Test Kit for fitness can give you insights into your potential, and offer key information that will help you get in the best shape of your life, and in the most effective way. Understanding how your individual genetic makeup and other genetic information can possibly affect your body is the first step to maximizing your body's potential.

Skin Health & Appearance DNA Test

Like your fitness potential, the health and appearance of your skin is highly dependent on your genes; a skincare routine that is perfect for someone else may only make your skin problems worse. ORIG3N's Genetic Home Mini DNA Test Kit for skin health and appearance includes a cheek swab, instructions, and prepaid return envelope so that you can get key insights into your own skin. The test will look at seven different genes, each of which affect skin appearance and healthy differently—be it your sensitivity to sun, normal hydration, tanning, itching, and other factors. That way, you can learn how your own skin behaves, how to properly care for it based on its genetic predispositions, and truly predict your future health.

Behavior DNA Test

ORIG3N's Genetic Home DNA Test Kit for behavior offers some of the most important insights you can get in a kit. It offers information about all the ways that your genes may effect your behaviors and predispositions, from various addictions (like nicotine and even gambling), to pain sensitivity, empathy, and even mood stability. Of course, these genetic tests only tell you some ways that your genes can affect aspects of your life. If you do believe you have a psychological disorder or addiction, please see your doctor regardless of the insights given by this test or any test. That said, understanding why certain things affect you the way they do and why you may be predisposed to behave in certain ways can also be a crucial step to creating your best life.

Beauty DNA Test

Though the ORIG3N test kit for skin health and beauty gives some information about your skin specifically, ORIG3N also offers a Home DNA Test Kit that will give you broader insights into your natural features—from skin health to hair health and beauty. It can give you key insights into how your skin and hair will react in various conditions, be it a dry cold to a harsh sun, that way you can develop a hair and skin routine to best protect and maximize your beauty. You can also learn about other affects of your genetic makeup; for example, when and how you will begin showing signs of age (like graying and wrinkles), and to how best avoid, or at least make the most of, those changes as you age.

Child Development DNA Test

Raising children will always be difficult, but an involved parent should try to understand their children's unique development and dispositions as early as possible so that you can understand the way that their genetic makeup makes them who they are, giving insights that you won't get from a broad parenting book. This kind of genetic testing should never be seen as prescriptive, nor should it be used in place of speaking to a practiced doctor when necessary. However, this ORIG3N test can be a valuable tool for understanding your child, rearing methods to best take advantage of the individual strengths, weaknesses, and general potential of your child, who is of course, unlike any other.

Recovery & Renewal DNA Test

This ORIG3N Genetic Home Mini DNA Test Kit is designed with the methods of regenerative medicine in mind to help you understand how your body heals and recovers after exercise. Understanding the specific genetic details, with regards to exercise and regeneration, that can help you maximize your body's potential and reduce unnecessary damage while building muscle strength and working your hardest. By recovering faster, you can get back out there faster, reaching your goals even sooner. This is possible by understanding the best methods for exercise and recovery, including your body's natural strengths, weaknesses, and risks, so that you can avoid unnecessary danger of injury and heal quickly from strenuous work.

Hunger & Weight DNA Test

Weight loss and healthy eating are among the most difficult aspects of life for many people, and these difficulties can be exacerbated by one's lack of understanding about their own individual genetic makeup, and the way that our natural, individual biology uniquely affects the way we approach food, exercise, and dieting. Genetic tests can help people develop a healthy lifestyle that suits their individual needs by offering insights into those specific things that affect them—from metabolic rate to fat, sugar, and salt cravings. To live your healthiest life, please see your doctor or a licensed nutritionist to ensure that you're living a healthy and safe life, but you can better prepare yourself to live that kind of life by understanding some of the reasons your body and mind may behave in the ways that they tend to.

Caffeine Tolerance DNA Test

Some people are simply more sensitive to various substances than others; this is called tolerance. Although many variable characteristics have a significant impact on your tolerance, including size, age, and gender, your genetics also play an important role.

And in respects to caffeine addiction, is it serious? Yes. As such, the ORIG3N Genetic Home Mini DNA Test Kit for caffeine tolerance can tell you a little bit more about why your body may react to caffeine in certain ways, as well as how you can best adapt your lifestyle to make use of these unique effects. For some, caffeine might be metabolized slowly over time, providing a useful energy boost for anything from athletics to studying. For others, it may cause jitters, mood swings, and even put you at a higher risk of heart problems. Nonetheless, the tea vs. coffee debate continues...

Vitamins DNA Test

Most of use probably know the feeling of standing in the vitamins aisle of our local drugstore and feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Do you want women's all-purpose? Bone health? Brain food? What's the difference, and why not have it all? Well, genetics play a huge role in determining how well your body absorbs certain vitamins, and many people suffer from chronic deficiencies. ORIG3N's DNA test kit can offer some insights into which of those many vitamin options is the right one for you, so you can understand your own body better and make choices that could prolong your life, improving your performances in activities, moods, and sleep.

Hair DNA Test

Although other ORIG3N DNA tests offer some small insights into your genetic health and beauty, this particular test focuses specifically on that aspect of your life: Health and beauty. Genes are a massive factor in how your hair behaves over time, and how it responds to various lifestyle choices, so understanding your own genetics can help you care for your hair in a personal way. That may mean altering the chemicals you use to wash, style, or dye it, or avoiding certain practices like straightening or blowdrying. It can also tell you your risk for hair loss and graying, among other changes that may occur as you age, so you can be prepared for what comes down the road.

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ORIG3N DNA Tests Can Help You Get Insights into Your Health and Wellness
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