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My Top Six Setting Sprays

Here’s a list of setting sprays to keep your makeup slaying through the summer.

A good setting spray is the last step in most makeup routines but during the summer months it can become the most important step. Whether you are rocking barely there "no-makeup" makeup, or an intense smokey eye, these sprays are my personal holy grails that will keep your look in place no matter what.

Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer and Setting Spray

As a huge fan of the Too Faced Hangover primer, I could not wait for the Hangover 3-in-1 to be released. Since I loved the primer so much I knew I would love the setting spray just as much if not more. The spray is infused with coconut water, probiotic based skin ingredients, and skin revivers. In addition to being silicon, alcohol, and oil free! This spray also doubles as a primer so you can spray before and after applying your makeup. That’s not all, the best part is the coconut scent! Close your eyes, spritz and breathe in all the smells of summer all while keeping your face set for hours. 

Make It Last Setting Spray + Prime + Correct + Set

This spray definitely lives up to its name. Milani Make it Last primes, corrects, and sets for up to sixteens hours of wear. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight feel; there’s no need to retouch throughout the day. This unique lightweight formula comes out like a mist. Very similar feel to the refreshing Evian mineral water facial spray sans the water. What else could be better to keep you cool and your makeup in place on a hot day. 

Urban Decay All Nighter


A very well known cult favorite and holy grail setting spray known for its longevity, this setting spray will also get you through a scorching heat wave. Urban Decay All Nighter is oil free, paraben free, and vegan. With its temperature control technology, it can also help to combat humidity. So for those days when the air is so thick you can karate chop it with your hands you won't have to worry about your foundation becoming a sticky mess. It also comes in a travel size perfect to take along for your next tropical vacay!

Coola Makeup Setting Spray


Here’s a spray that offers both makeup and sun protection. This setting spray is certified organic up to 70 percent and has broad spectrum SPF 30. It also contains cucumber extracts, hyaluronic acid, and has a matte finish. A matte finish can be beneficial in keeping a face looking sweat free. This spray stands out with its added SPF because nothing beats keeping your skin safe from harmful UV rays while also keeping your makeup looking fresh.   

Wet N Wild Photofocus Setting Spray

This one is the most budget-friendly sprays on the list. This spray will keep your selfie ready while you're poolside. The bottle itself will catch your eye as it's designed to look like a camera lens as a cute little tie into its name. Wet n Wild Photofocus works on all skin types and contains aloe vera to help keep your skin hydrated. While it's crucial to keep your body hydrated in warm weather you can’t forget about your skin, especially your face, and this spray will have you covered. 

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Fix Wear Boosting Setting Spray

Last but certainly not least is Maybelline Master Fix by FaceStudio setting spray. Master fix is oil free, translucent, and extends your wear time. It’ll keep your colors bright and fade resistant. Perfect for keeping your contour sharp or those eyeshadows vibrant. While it can be found in the same drug store price range as Milani Make it Last or Wet n Wild Photofocus, it has almost double the amount per volume. So if you’re looking for something that can last through the whole summer season and is easy on your wallet this is the spray for you.

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My Top Six Setting Sprays
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