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My Go-To Morning Infusion Can Increase Our Lifespan

So if you're not a coffee-lover yet, you should start working on it.

When my doctor finally (for the first time in my life) told me that I was doing something good with my daily routine, it shocks me, especially because this was about the amount of coffee I'm drinking. "Three cups a day is totally fine, just keep the same amount every day," he said, and immediately after that, I needed to find out why he didn't ask me to at least reduce the number of cups a day.

I did my research and found out the results of new studies that demonstrate the benefits of drinking two or more cups of coffee on the daily basis. The caffeine has always been used to help some small issues like headaches, fatigue and even cramps (in women), but in addition to that, according to a research made by The York University, people who drink more than one cup of coffee a day are "20% less likely to die prematurely from heart diseases" in fact, three to five cups (6 ounces each) is the perfect number to increase your health.

A different analysis made by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and applied to more than 200,000 volunteers during 30 days, showed that coffee-lovers (count me on that) have lower risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, neurological disease, and even suicide. However, there's no link to total cancer mortality.

The investigators haven't confirmed what makes the drink so helpful for our health, but the true is that the most you drink it, the healthier you'll be since the results confirmed that regular consumers have an advantage over those who just drink it casually.

After analyzing the health record of the participants, and the results of the examination, the authors, led by Frank Hu of Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, concluded that the “coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.” The most curious about the new development is not only the fact that up to five cups of coffee a day could lower the risk of all-cause mortality by 5 to 9 percent, but if that's not enough for you during the day, the authors found that drinking more than five cups had no association with mortality risk.

The caffeine itself bring the benefits to our body, however, while we keep adding other complements as sugar, cream, or other flavors, we're reducing the value of each portion. Which means that the brewed espresso you drink at home, is not only cheaper but definitely more favorable than the mochaccino you get at a coffee store. Likewise, a decaffeinated beverage does not have the same benefits because it doesn't contain the same ingredients, so if you really want to get all the profits from your daily cups of coffee, keep it simple and make it yourself as possible. Who drinks decaffeinated anyways?!

While some of us have been drinking coffee during our entire life (I seriously think that my mom used to put coffee on my bottle instead of milk), if you're not part of the regular consumers, you should keep in mind that the increasements of caffeine could affect your blood pressure and heart rate. So take it easy for your firsts cups of this glorious beverage.

Side note: Remember the people that told you repeatedly: "You shouldn't be drinking that amount of coffee." Well, you should definitely share this article with them so they can understand how wrong they were and why you're going to have a longer, happier and healthier life. And then you can invite them to your favorite coffee shop so they can start the healthy lifestyle drinking coffee!

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Dubraska Lima
Dubraska Lima

+2 years of experience in writing, proficient in the creation of editorial calendars to promote journalistic content for both online and print publications. Production of photo-shoots, marketing campaigns, and video storytelling.

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My Go-To Morning Infusion Can Increase Our Lifespan
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