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My Fitness Journey

It all started with a nerd.

Y’all, this is me. I can’t believe I ever got that unhealthy. I don’t like the word fat, but it’s fairly accurate. After having our first son, I stopped working out almost entirely. Being active duty military, I still had to meet certain requirements. I still met them, but I didn’t exceed them by any means. Once I hit this low point, (left photo) I decided it was time to get healthy. However, I didn’t know what my goal was. My inspiration came from my oldest son, who firmly believes that I am Captain America. I decided I wanted to cosplay the star spangled man with the plan, but I didn’t want to be one of the chubby heroes at Comic-Con. I wanted to be the type of guy that my son could still believe in. So, I started out rough. I have free access to a gym on base, but I figured if I’m paying for it I’m more likely to use it. So I got my planet fitness membership. It was slow going at first. I was barely able to bench 90 pounds. I couldn’t curl more than like 20 pounds. I was out of shape and not anywhere close. 

Fast forward about six months and I’ve gotten into a rhythm and found that I love the gym. Yes, it’s hard, but that’s the best part. After this, I decided to make a fitness account on IG. I know, mildly douchey. Still, I proceeded with the account. I met a few nerds who shared similar goals, and a few other guys who started off worse than me and still managed to kill it at the gym. It was truly inspiring to hear their stories. I eventually told my own. Generally, I get laughed at. I kind of did this to be in shape, but mainly I stuck to it because I’m a frugal nerd. 

As you can see above, I’m not nearly at the Capt’s level. However, I’m well on my way. Fitness doesn’t have to mean you mindlessly workout until it’s time to go to work or sleep (depending on when you go to the gym). Find yourself a goal that you can be passionate about and that you won’t be willing to quit because the reward is far too great. 

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My Fitness Journey
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