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Young Living Essential Oils

I started with Young Living Essential Oils in September of 2017. I haven't worked with any other kind of essential oils before. Each of the oils that come within the kit smell fantastic and like what they are supposed to. Their Premium Starter Kit comes with eleven different essential oils. They give you five from their Vitality Line, which you can ingest, and they are Copaiba, Digize, Lemon, Peppermint, and Thieves. The other six are Frankincense, Lavender, Panaway, Purification, R.C. and Stress Away. Digize, Thieves, Panaway, Purification, R.C., and Stress Away are all blends that Young Living has made from other oils. Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns many of their own fields. Their mantra is "From Seed to Seal." Which means that they have the purist form of the essential oil starting from the seed going to the science and then ending with you at the seal. 

There are many companies out there that sell essential oils but Young Living is the only one who begins their process and follows through to the end. There are different companies that sell essential oils but I have found that Young Living has a good reputation for being one of the best because they show you how they do everything that goes into each specific bottle. 

There are three ways that you can use essential oils: orally, aromatically, and topically. The Vitality line is the only line that you can use orally and ingest it. Many other essential oil companies use oils aromatically by diffusing them or use them topically by either putting the oil directly on the skin (you should only do this for a few oils. Lavender is one of the ones that you can) or by diluting it with a carrier oil. Oil and water do not mix as was taught to us by our 5-6th grade science teachers. Carrier oils bring the oil from the epidermis (the top layer of skin) through the dermis into the hypo-dermis into the blood stream. Through this method it takes 12 seconds to get to the blood brain barrier. When using oils aromatically by just smelling them from the bottle or by diffusing them it only takes three seconds to get from your nose to your brain.

Lemon Vitality Essential Oil and Lemon Essential Oil

There are several different brands within the Young Living Company. One of them is their Vitality line which is shown with their white label, along with their regular labels. Their Vitality line has been approved to be ingested by the FDA with their GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), and because of that they have to have their own line and labeling to show that they are for ingesting. There are no differences between the two lines it is just FDA protocol that the labeling is different. 

Ningxia red is made out of Wolf berries and has other fruit concentrate added with it to give that all powerful antioxidant help for our cells fight those free radicals. I have tried it and it is delicious and when you add oils to it, there are different tastes to it. The Ningxia red is sweet and slightly spicy at the same time add in the thieves and you get a nice bite of cloves to add more spice. Each essential oil has their own smell and flavor to it as well as their own benefits when putting it on topically.

When being a consultant with any company like this, there are some things that you cannot say. An example of this is that something will destroy the "Ebola Virus." We may have our own opinions about the products that we sell or love to use but that doesn't mean that we should put fear into people just to get them to buy the product. I would rather have people come to me interested in what I am selling vs. them thinking that it will protect them from something that it might not even protect them from. This has happened to not just Young Living, but to also DoTerra, another essential oil company. The FDA steps in when they feel that the company is proclaiming more than they should. Young Living makes sure that each person who buys their product knows that they may not tell anyone how to cure anything that they have. I have enjoyed using Young Living over the last few months. 

Tatiana Funkhouser
Tatiana Funkhouser

I am a amateur writer, and just got into Essential Oils with Young Living Member Number 12917892. If you are interested please send me a message. I am working on making my own beauty products with the oils.

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