My Barbell Experience

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This is ME today! (Deadlifting 200 pounds)

I'm here today to talk about my barbell experience, and how it changed my life! As many people think, lifting weights shouldn't be done by women because it makes them 'too' muscular. BUT that isn't my take on it and here's why..

The First Time I Lifted a Barbell

Believe it or not I was actually only 13 when I lifted my first barbell! My mom was going to a semi personal training group, and at this point I was struggling with my health and fitness. So my mom thought I could try one class with her to see how I felt! I went to the class and used a starter bar (15 pounds). I got through the class, barely lol. Not knowing how hard it could be to learn new movements and how tired I could feel only using 15 pounds! After my first class I was extremely sore! I had never felt such muscle fatigue in my life and I hated it! But I went again and again and needless to say I started to enjoy it and the way I felt afterwards. I am going on my fourth year into my health and fitness journey and let me tell you I am just getting started. 

How I've Progressed

So, as you know I started going to workout classes when I was 13. My nutrition is a whole other story. I struggled then and I am still struggling today. I don't know about you but for me eating healthy is just plain hard. I get on a role and I am eating supper healthy, portioning my food and feeling amazing! Until... one set back. I eat the wrong thing or I go out with friends or family and no one seems to be eating healthy BUT ME. So it's nearly impossible to abstain from the sweets and junk when everyone around you doesn't think twice about it. But one thing I have learned is that I shouldn't think of eating healthy as a punishment but a lifestyle change that will be for the better! Anyways back to the progression of my fitness. So for the past 4 years I have been doing workouts that are a mixture of CrossFit and free hand weights. When I first started, my workouts were with a 15 pound bar and I do my workouts today with anywhere from 55-75 pounds. I was told that once the weight that you are using no longer pushes you super hard you need to up it. So I did, I used a 35 pounder for the first time, previously using 15 and I didn't think I was going to be able to finish the workouts. But eventually it got easier so I upped the weight to 45, then 55, etc. I love pushing myself and I believe that the weight I am using should be doable but tough

Where I Am Today

12 days of Christmas workout that kicks my A$$ every time! 

The picture above is me today. I am a complete work in progress and I am no where close to where I want to be someday! But that is O.K. Very few of us can accept where we are right now because we are so focused on where we want to be! (I am working on this myself). I cannot believe how much stronger I have got overtime and I am proud to say that my once pr's (personal records) are way higher today then they were when I started! My very first deadlift was only 65 pounds and today I can lift 200 pounds! My snatch is 95, my back squat is 175, and my push press is 90. I know if I keep working I can get those numbers even higher and that excites me!

My Goals For The Future

Light set of shoulder presses at 55 pounds. 

Well since you know all about what i've progressed into being, here is what I hope to accomplish in the years to come! I am currently only working out at the gym 2 days a week and when I have time I do a workout in my home gym. But this isn't ideal and I would love to be working out 5 days a week with 2 rest days! This will hopefully be doable once I head off to college next year and am able to spend some extra time at the gym! More specifically I would like to focus on shrinking my thighs, and toning my arms! I also hope to have accepted the lifestyle change that I am striving for and that someday soon I will be able to not get down on myself when I eat improperly and to get right back on the wagon when I fall off. This is something I am struggling with currently and I hope to kick it soon! 

Thanks for listening, and I hope some of you can relate to my health and fitness journey! 

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