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My All Time Favorite Supplements

Supplement Guide by @tinytinafit

No introductions necessary, we know what this blog is for!

Below I will explain which supplements are my must-haves, what results I see from them, what I use them for, and which brands are my favorite!

This is strictly mentioning supplements I feel that I need to have in stockalways.


My all-time favorite pre-workout is Mr. Hyde.


Hyde has a hefty dose of beta-alanine, which gives you "the tingles." This is what I'm referring to whenever I mention my skin crawling. My best advice if you've never taken Mr. Hyde is to start with 1/2 scoop and gauge your tolerance from there. Also, DON'T itch your ears. ;)

Best price I've found Mr. Hyde in my favorite flavor: Pixie Dust (Watermelon is runner-up) is on Amazon with Prime shipping.

You can get it by clicking above!


BCAAs stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids. BCAAs are used for several benefits, but I use them mostly for muscle recovery and maintaining muscle during my intermittent fasting windows.

Metabolically, BCAAs promote protein synthesis and turnover and metabolism of glucose. Physiologically, BCAAs can aid roles in the immune system and brain function, potentially helping synthesis of neurotransmitters and production of energy.

Basically, BCAAs are used to help keep your drive during a workout, recover after a workout, and maintain muscle. Typically, blends are coupled with electrolytes so they keep you hydrated as well.

Fun fact: BCAAs are my favorite hangover cure.

My favorite brand is Scivation's XTEND BCAAs in Strawberry Kiwi. You can get them for a steal, once again, on Amazon by clicking above.

Pump Agent


To be honest, I always thought pump agents were for vanity, feeling big, pumping your ego cause you muscles would swell, but I was wrong, at least with this stuff!

I do not know the science behind pump agents, so I will not try to explain, but basically, it gets your muscles pumped up during your workout, but this does SO MUCH MORE.

When I took this for the first time, not only did I experience swollen muscles to the extreme during my workout, I was the sorest I had been in ages. Soreness means muscle breakdown, which means muscles needing to rebuild, which means STRONGER BIGGER muscles (this is not a scientific count, again, this is just my understanding).

I can't praise enough about this product, and since I'm only 115 lbs, they are 30 servings for me instead of two. Being tiny IS beneficial. :)

There are codes on PE Science to receive 10 percent off, but with the free shipping, it winds up cheaper on Amazon, yet again. You can purchase by clicking above!


Ghost Protein—Blueberry Toaster Pastry 

Everyone knows protein post-workout is an awesome way to quickly get protein to your broken down, recovering muscles.

My favorite of ALL TIME is this product right here. Not only does the Graphic Designer and Marketer in me adore their product designs, social media, and marketing campaigns, but the taste is more above the bar than any other protein product I've tasted.

You can only find Ghost Protein on either their website or at GNC stores, they cost the same in both places, but GNC is an eBates participator and you can get cash back.

Never heard of eBates? Get instant cash back on purchases from thousands of stores both in person and online.

Sign up with my code and get a $10 check after your first purchase through any eBates store.



Nothing has made my hair and skin happier than Collagen Peptides. I even tested it out by not taking them for two weeks and my skin rebelled—HARD. Going back on and my skin is almost back to normal. Collagen also helps support strength in joints and bones. 

Vital Proteins is an amazing company and the only one I trust to get my Collagen products from. 

I take one scoop of the product above in my coffee every morning. I don't taste it, but I most certainly see what it does!

I think it's safe for me to say without these products, my life would be a struggle. I believe every one of these helps me to reach my goals and better myself physically and mentally every day.

Try them out and let me know what you think about them!



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My All Time Favorite Supplements
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