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Modern Ages: Is There a Time to Take Care of Your Health?

"To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear"—Buddha

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Due to work overload, daily commotions and hectic lifestyle, it is hard to maintain a balanced and healthy life nowadays. Not only do our busy schedules impede us to keep the right healthy track, but there are many other factors as well. Stress, nervousness, spending more time indoors in front of the computer screen than outdoor, and poor nutrition. However, in this modern age, there are solutions to improving your health, vision, skin, and mind, you only need to stay persistent and patient. Read on to discover the cosmopolitan ways of maintaining and taking care of your health.

Take care of your skin.

Hand cream

No matter what age are you at, your skin has long lost its twenties flair. But there is no need to get alarmed since there are many ways to protect it and nurture it. For instance, it is vital to always put a suncream, even on a rainy day. Sun exposure leads to skin cancer. Nevertheless, you should take care of your skin at any time. With age, you have to exfoliate, moisturize and cleanse your skin regularly. Only try to avoid skin toners with alcohol base because they tend to dry the skin even more. Also, putting quality anti-aging facial creme should be your morning and night routine. Not only will it refresh your skin, but it will provide a smoother skin surface.

Take care of your eyesight.

Eye wear

Nowadays, every single job requires a person to be in front of the screen and stare at that glowing box for more than 7 hours. The vision tends to weaken gradually due to constant exposure to a computer screen and peering at mobile phones and other gadgets. That's right, age is not always the culprit for poor eyesight and the cause of nearsightedness. Going to regular checkups will help you prevent any future issues with your vision. What is more, for people who wear eyeglasses should opt to use those with blue light filter, or on the other hand, they can always choose to undergo specialized Lasik eye surgery to correct their vision. Whatever you might choose, you should not neglect your eyes, since they are the mirrors of the soul.

Take care of your body.

Fitness gear

Time and age should never be an obstacle to fully focus on taking care of your body. Regular mild activity and motion are more than essential to do in all life stages. When you reach a certain age, you might not be able to actively do sport, but there are many other things to do in order to take care of your body, improve your stamina and re-energize. Do low-intensity workouts every day, do 150 minutes of brisk walking weekly, walk to work instead of going by car, use the stairs more often, and so on. Cycling is also extremely beneficial for maintaining balanced cardiovascular fitness, so try to cycle 10 minutes every day. Always make sure that you stand or sit straight and keep a steady and stable posture to avoid back pain.

Take care of your mind.


Mental wellbeing is equally important as physical in terms of our overall health. With a healthy and steady mind, we will be more willing to do all other activities and defeat any life obstacles with ease. To slow down your cognitive health from age, try meditating. Calming your mind for just 5 minutes will utterly reshape your thoughts and enhance your mind power, thus make you feel rejuvenated. Socialize as often as you can. Call your friend, go for a cup of coffee, chat, and gossip. Friends' and family's support is vital for a healthy state of mind. Go out more often, visit a few museum and galleries, and travel. Try to do whatever your heart desires, and indulge in a few things that are even not allowed.

Take care of your nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables

Food and proper nutrition is a pivotal aspect of leading a healthy life. Eat raw vegetables and fruit, try to cut down on sugared, salty and fatty foods. A very good idea is to swap red meat for organic white meat and to eat more pulses and lentils because they contain polyphenol associated for longer life. Intake more healthy snacks such as cashews and other nuts. Avoid inflammatory foods that contain gluten, trans-fats, additives, and preservatives. Limit the consumption of alcohol and coffee. You don’t have to stop drinking wine, only drink it with careful moderation. Take probiotics if needed to avoid gut problems, and drink plenty of water.


Focus on the future instead of reminiscing about the past, focus on resolving problems and try to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather than thinking about problems. With modern age only when you have accomplished what you have set in front of you will you be able to lead a balanced and healthy life.

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Modern Ages: Is There a Time to Take Care of Your Health?
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