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Missing My Childhood

Adulthood is putting away childish things, but what if that's the best part?

As an adult who works and sleeps and basically does nothing else, I have come to the conclusion, at 24, that "adulting" sucks, and I want my money back. If only it were that easy!! I would love to go back in time when life was simple and the worst part of my day was a nap. I miss and mourn my childhood every day I have to wake up to an alarm and get ready for another day. 

So here goes! A list of things that adult life and the changes of time have ravaged of my childhood. 

Lazy Days

Don't you miss making a blanket pallet on the floor at grandma's? Your favorite Disney VHS movie was playing and freshly popped popcorn was in a bowl on the ground, Heaven on Earth! If only life could be like that now. I try to binge on Netflix as much as the next mid-twenties girl, but sometimes there just isn't time. I envy my niece's ability to play for hours and hours without recourse or consequence. I miss the disregard of time itself. I remember waking up, watching movies, and playing with dolls literally every day. I miss reading and sleeping the day away. Those were the days. I miss naps. There, I said it!!

Lack of Technology

Smartphones, tablets, and computers pretty much rule our lives now. I miss being able to play in the creek without being worried about whatever device I have getting wet and ruined. Do you remember going outside and actually enjoy playing? Running around and not really trying to accomplish anything, just having fun. It's so hard to put down a phone. I'll admit it, I am addicted to notifications and whoever tagged me in what. It's crazy how 20 years can change the world view. I can't imagine being born in this new time, where babies practically are born with a smartphone in their hands. I can't believe how different my childhood is going to be from my children's. They won't know the finesse it takes to make a Lego house for your barbies, or the detailed planning that goes into keeping a kite out of a tree. Nonetheless, life is life and memories always last. 


I guess this goes along with my tech rant, but man I miss barbies! I miss being excited about buying them new dresses. I miss imagination and the stories I would create with those dolls. I miss being a pirate digging up buried treasure, (even if it was just a toy Brontosaur) it was so exciting. I miss listening to my Disney soundtrack CDs and just having fun, dancing, and doing my own version of martial arts when Mulan came on. It was so fun being a kid!! I miss being able to take a toy and create an elaborate backstory and plot, it was magic. When did that die? I miss the age of being goofy and self-expression. As an adult you can't do that without someone disapproving. 


Do you remember being small and on December 24, not being able to get any sleep because you were so excited for Santa Claus?? I would maybe get a few hours of shuteye, then wait for the sun to be the appropriate brightness and then run into the living room where all the presents were. I would then try to wake my parents up, which always took forever (approx. ten minutes)!! And then we'd rip through all of the wrapping paper and I would have all of my new things and I would just be happy. I would sing Christmas music and watch Christmas movies. I loved it... But now, I am the Grinch. Bah Humbug. Scrooge. It just seems like another day for me. Of course, I still celebrate and remember why we celebrate Christmas, but it always seems like a deadline, a list of people to buy for. No one looks forward to being broke. And working in retail I see a lot of sad people, as an adult Christmas just doesn't feel the same. Nothing feels the same.

I know that I can't go back, but I can always remember and I can try to be more imaginative and happier. Hopefully this article will give me the pickup I very much need. Hopefully I can live my life the way I want to live it instead of being the work robot I have become. 

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Missing My Childhood
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