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Lush Products: My Least Favorite!

This brand is hit or miss for me. Find out which products I dislike and the reasons why.

I have purchased many different Lush items over the years. All opinions are that of my own based on personal experience. I bought all of these items with my own money. This brand is really hit or miss for me. Some items I absolutely love, where others not so much. Make sure to check out my other article with my favorite Lush Products.

The following products are my personal least favorite products from Lush!

Aqua Marina

$12.95 3.5oz

$31.95 8.4oz

This face cleanser contains aloe vera, calamine powder, and kaolin clay base. It also contains chunks of seaweed in the formula. It is formulated for sensitive skin. My issue with this product was not the ingredients, but the smell of it. It smells like dirty fish water to me. The smell turned my stomach and made me gag. I did receive a sample of this from my local Lush store and I will say the product did leave my skin feeling clean, but I can't get over the awful smell of it. It smells like something in the ocean is rotting.

Dark Angels

$14.95 3.5oz

$36.95 8.4oz

This face scrub is made with black sugar and charcoal. I really wanted to like this face wash. I have heard many with oily skin rave about how well it works for them. I have combination oily skin and am more oily in the summer months. I received a sample of this from my local Lush store. The first thing I noticed was the awful smell. This face scrub literally smells like a burning building. While using it I wondered if there was a campfire nearby. The scent is very strong and overpowering. Even after washing my face I could still smell it. I kept asking myself what was on fire, then I realized it was just my face. This formula is for oily sensitive skin and is supposed to help clear up excess oil. It is also supposed to help with redness and leave your skin looking more matte. I will say it had the opposite effect on me. I do have combination oily skin and it is sensitive at times. This product made my face feel like it was on fire and also made my skin even redder. This is one of the worse face scrubs I have ever used. It also caused my skin to breakout and become irritated. 

Jason And The Argan Oil

$11.95 1.9oz

This shampoo bar is made with argan oil and has a wonderful lemon rose scent. This bar is supposed to last 80 washes and be equal to three bottles of liquid shampoo. First off, I do love the smell of this. It has that classic Rose Jam scent that Lush carries around the holidays. The shampoo bar itself did leave my hair feeling soft and smelling amazing. I hate to put this item on my bad list, but I will give you the reasons why. I used this shampoo bar about ten times and then it broke in half. It literally cracked straight down the middle. I have never had a shampoo bar do that to me. they usually will start to wear thin just like regular bar soap does. After it cracked in half I tried to use each half separately by lathering it in my hands and then applying it to my hair. Each half lasts maybe five more washes until it was too small to use. I got a total of 20 washes out of this shampoo bar, and not 80 washes as they claim I should have. I have used other shampoo bars by Lush and had zero issues with them and the others ones also lasted much longer and did not crack in half like this one did. I wanted to love this, but I just can not. 

Sex Bomb

$7.95 6.3oz

This bath bomb smells like jasmine, sage, and yland-ylang. It is a pink and purple colored and has an artificial rose inside it. This bath bomb turns your bath water a deep hot pink shade. The water color is very pretty, but you have to scrub your tub out after using this product. This bath bomb will stain your tub as well as your skin if you aren't careful. The bath bomb is huge and very hard to cut in half. I wish these came in a smaller size with less pigmentation. My issue with this bath bombs is the dyes they use to color it. As someone who has sensitive skin, I have issues with heavy dyes and perfumes in products. This bath bomb made me break out in hives. My arms and legs both had hives all over them after using this product once. 

Aliens And Monsters

$9.95 7.oz

This soap is the consistency of play dough. This has a black pepper and vanilla scent. The soap can be used as soap, shampoo, or a bubble bar. Fun soap comes in a variety of different scents. I do enjoy the scent of these, though I will say depending on the color these will stain your skin and also your bathtub. I purchased the Santa fun last year and it had a black portion of the product. It stained my bathtub, skin, and towels. It was like rubbing myself with dirt. My skin didn't break out but I was worried that it would. My skin was left with a grayish tint and I had to use other soap to try and scrub it off. This soap also makes an awful shampoo. My hair felt dirty and was hard to brush through. It does not make a good bubble bar either. It has almost no bubble to it. It will scent and color your bath water though. 

I hope this article was helpful for you!

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