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Longevity: Why I Want to Make it to the Next Century

To See It

I want to see what happens to the human race and this planet for one. For another, I would like to finish my life’s work. I know that type-1 diabetes means my life expectancy is 69, but come on. Seriously, I have yet to get my law degree. I have many advanced degrees I want but my life is stuck in a low-income rut. Diabetics do not necessarily die young. I will not necessarily be low-income my whole life. That’s ridiculous. Yes, my family thinks this, but none of my friends do.

Anybody who thinks I’m going to die young is not my friend. I’m appalled people even think this about diabetes. That’s ridiculous. Another myth is that diabetics can’t have sugar, well, what do you think low blood sugar is about? Insulin “reactions” are about having too much of a good thing in your system, which requires sugar to raise your glucose levels, to begin with. There is such a thing as hypoglycemia, also, and this condition can get pretty severe, which is why glucose tablets are a great invention. Longevity is possible for me, damn it, and I intend on proving it so. I’m 37.

Yes, I do not look my age. The thing is, I have stuff to do with my life on this planet. I have big plans, and a desire to make the world a better place. I want to help fix things that go wrong on this planet. I’m here to fix this stuff, not all by myself but with help from the rest of you. I do not look my age. I will never look my age. You want proof of that, find my mutual friends only Facebook page. Yes, my family has other plans for me though, other devices.

This is what I warn the rest of my family about. We are talking about people who do not believe in climate change, despite the obvious proof around us. I’m busy planning my life, planning my future, since I managed to get myself treated finally, with regards to my schizophrenia. This was a long time coming because certain people interfered with me getting on the right medication, really, people who are ignorant about what medication does. And now, I’m stable much to the hatred of these people. I’m hell-bent on living and conquering my diabetes. But some people won’t have that.

I’m busy trying to find a job so I can put myself in mental health rehab this November, and during the December holiday. The rehab facility is in Los Angeles. I have to make myself go to rehab because I want to treat my mental health problems as I have no extra money to pay for therapy or rehab. I’m really looking forward to getting a job here because I need it. I may have found something but I have to interview with them. Gee, I’d also like to sleep the whole night.

I feel like tonight with my sleep I did heal myself from some mental health issues I was wrestling within the dream state. I feel like I successfully purged myself of some stuff that has been haunting me for a while. When you come from a history of violence as I do, living without it is a foreign sensation. I’m trying to find things to be happy about all while being low income. I’m trying to sort through my emotional problems on my own with limited help. This is a hard road for me but I’m prepared for the challenges of my situation. I have found a therapist give or take, and I need to take public transit for it. 

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Longevity: Why I Want to Make it to the Next Century
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