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Kimmy Mason14 hours ago
The Weight Conundrum
If you’re anything like me, your experience with the medical world goes as follows:
Raven Wadea day ago
3 Fake Cure All’s You Should Be Aware Of
As science and modern medicine continues to develop, some people create their own ideas on how it works. Social media gives everyone a platform, and some use it to prey on the sick and desperate. Thes...
Kimmy Mason2 days ago
Product Review: Smok Novo
The Smok Novo is a great device for those new to vaping, or as a back up vape for a seasoned pro. I picked up my Novo about 2 weeks ago and have been using it non-stop. I purchased the device to help ...
Indy Summers2 days ago
Unique Ways to Improve Your Well-Being
Whether you're feeling run down physically, emotionally, or mentally, it can be difficult at times to get yourself back to feeling well again. Thankfully, there are many tried and tested methods that ...
Paisley Hansen2 days ago
Top Reasons Swimming Is the Best Exercise for Anyone
Most people love taking a dip in a cool, refreshing pool. Hanging out around a pool can be a great place to make memories with friends and family. However, most people fail to realize that a pool can ...
How I Started Running (And Didn't Stop)
Y'all get ready, because this is a long one. Hopefully, I made it entertaining to read with my sad life. Picture this, alright? I'm eighteen years old. I started college. I went to the gym for the fir...
Carlos Fox3 days ago
5 Hobbies that Can Help Relieve Stress
Putting together a well rounded, enjoyable, and healthy life these days can be harder than it sounds. Eight full hours of sleep each night, three nutritious meals per day, a career, a social life, eve...
Tobias Gillot3 days ago
How to Take Care of Your Legs and Feet
Your legs and feet have a big job to do. From the time your parents first cried with joy over your first step to the last step you ever take, your legs and feet will take you on a journey equivalent t...
Paisley Hansen3 days ago
Secrets to Better Yourself
There are several ways that you can improve yourself to have a mind or body that functions better. Here are some secret tips for having a body and mind that are healthier.