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Unknown Love2 hours ago
Who doesn’t have some form of autism? I don’t know anyone who says they don’t have some sort of disorder. It seems as if we need this label to feel part of the group. People get annoyed if something h...
Ally Patton6 hours ago
My Medical... Story? I Guess
My story started with a horrible accident... I was in the 5th grade, maybe 10-years-old. It was spring break at the time and my best friend lived down the street. We were riding our bikes up the stree...
Carol Kinga day ago
Why Is It so Hard to Lose Weight?
Why is it so hard to lose weight? I am 28 years old, I’m 5'3'' with “Nanny King” boobs, as my family lovingly refers to them. This is their kind way of saying gigantic and will some day see your knees...
Linda Paula day ago
Holistic Health
The shamans and healers of old always looked at the whole person they were treating. They knew that a person was so much more than just a physical vessel called the body. In fact, treating the soul wa...
Rachel Ann2 days ago
Take Responsibility
Day 16 08/06/2018 Hey everyone, welcome back to day 16. I thought this would be a good topic to talk about that kind of goes along with discipline. And that is taking responsibility. But what do I mea...
Alyse McDonald2 days ago
The Importance of Self Care!
I've been dealing with depression for a few years now and have also been dealing with some other health issues. I have been to the doctors multiple times in the last two months recently to deal with t...
On the Fine Art of Concussions
I apparently am the poster child of concussions. I have had more than the average bear, that’s definitely showing my age. Anyway, back to my concussion. I fell in February. I slid on a petrified piece...
Charmaine C2 days ago
60 Miles in 60 Days (Week 1)
Week 1 I’ve been thinking about writing this for a while and I thought it was time since I had just finished my third Nike Running App programme with little success. The goal was to complete 12 miles ...
Lulu B. 🍁2 days ago
20 Ways to Practice Self Care
What is self care? It is a practice that allows you to know your worth. One who participates in self care has the goal of receiving positive thoughts of themselves.