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Kombucha Community

Home, Health, Happiness

I was living life in the fast lane, trying to my fullest ability to find all the necessary ingredients to make a somewhat simple supper before heading out to do drone cinematography for a client. Cruising past aisle after aisle to suddenly arrive at the local coffee bean section located on aisle seven next to the prepackaged breakfasts that only hunters and children under five eat, I stopped right in front of my favourite coffee company, Roast House, only to discover that they were not on sale. Most people probably don't hesitate to buy their favourite product thinking nothing of it not being on sale, I took this as a sign that the economy is somewhat stable and if they feel secure, then why don't I? I had to quit my two somewhat strange jobs that were a good experience, but nothing long term. Slowly walking to the end of the aisle, I couldn't keep but looking back hesitating about if I can afford my favourite coffee when it's not on sale? "What if it never goes on sale again, is this the end for us?" I said out loud getting strange looks from some of the housewives surrounding me. If you can't afford your favourite coffee, are you truly living life? This is a good question for all of us to think about from time to time. I quickly turned on my phone to check my bank account! Maybe by some chance, there was enough money to buy a half tank of gas, twenty dollars worth of food, and you guessed it right, one spectacular bag of coffee to hug in the morning when all else seems to go wrong. Glancing to my left at the end of the aisle was the blood pressure test that grocery stores have to remind you that your health is not as good as you think it is. I know you know what I'm talking about because who doesn't honestly look at those ancient machines and think to themselves, "If that wasn't so nasty, I would totally shove my arm through that claustrophobic hole and prove to the world that my blood pressure is slightly above perfect." I do realize that drinking coffee is not perfect for blood pressure, however, soda is so bad for your health! All the chemicals that you don't even understand from reading the back of the bottle only to decide your option based on graphics. This is why I was so surprised when I turned to my right and noticed a custom made Kombucha tap in the middle of the grocery store with a line of fit attractive women waiting to fill up their growlers! Revolutionary thoughts flooded through my mind as I noticed this new drink, new product, new company changing the habits of all these individuals! What was the secret, could Bare Culture Kombucha taste so good that the customers were bringing their bottles back into the store to fill it up with more Sassy Apple flavoured Kombucha? I honestly smiled thinking of all the factors that went into getting that product to the grocery store shelves. The founder of the company started out making Kombucha in her kitchen and giving it away to friends! This was a humble company expanding at rapid rates because people simply loved the product. It was never the owner's intent to create a massive kombucha company, but people fell in love with the product! I stood in line for around five minutes then spent another five minutes deciding what flavour would fit me best. After sampling the various flavours, I came to the conclusion that they all taste worthy of purchase, so I went with the Sassy Apple! Staring at the list of flavours it caught me off guard that the ingredients were so incredibly simple I could understand exactly what I was putting inside my body. I see why all the yoga instructors were excited to drink this product. Ingredients like "Black Tea, Meyer Lemon & Ginger" and "Pomegranate & Ginger." These flavour combinations were amazing to try out the next week in-between fifteen hour work days and bookstore bingeing. The reality is that we all should be trying out Kombucha because it is one of the healthiest products on the market. It helps with detoxification, immune system stimulation, and my personal favourite benefit is energy enhancement. Bare Culture Kombucha has been able to take over a large part of the PNW by creating a community of addicted followers. With flavours changing all the time and the healthy ingredients this company has given the people a chance once again to enjoy a truly amazing product that has a health benefit. Recently they have opened up a tap house filled with extremely healthy treats as well as several of their famous kombucha drinks ready to be served. I got a chance to go and visit their factory and tap house and fell in love with the product just as much as my strange obsession with buying organic roasted coffee on sale.

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Kombucha Community
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