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Is Botox Safe? Botox for Beginners

Fact or Fiction Edition

Are you interested in getting Botox but terrified of looking like the frozen faces you see in Hollywood? Or that you heard you are putting poison in your face and are worried about the safety aspects of getting the treatment. After working in the aesthetic industry and getting the treatment done, I wanted to put some of the myths to an end. So let me put your furrowed brow to rest and give you the real breakdown on Botox. 

Botox makes you look frozen.

Fiction. Of course some people may take things too far (cough* Joan Rivers) but Botox alone, and used properly, does not make you look frozen. Botox temporarily paralyzes the muscle blocking the ability to make the wrinkle causing action thus preserving your smooth wrinkle-free face. You look the exact same but just without wrinkles! What if you already have wrinkles? It prevents those wrinkles from getting worse! Still don’t believe me? I had put this to the test after my first Botox treatment. After the effects of the Botox had kicked in for the first time I had waited a week to ask my boyfriend if he noticed anything different about me. He looked me up and down and the first thing he assumed was if I got my lips done because I mentioned it earlier. No I had not yet but after telling him what I had got done, he all of a sudden could tell. Lies. The many women I met, who don’t tell their husbands either because the husband doesn’t approve of it, never knew either. 

Botox isn’t safe because it is a toxin.

Fiction. Yes, Botox is technically a toxin but that doesn’t mean it isn’t safe. Botox has more studies done on it than Tylenol! Botox also has FDA approval to be treated in the frontalis (forehead), glabella (11 lines), and crowsfeet. As with any cosmetic procedure no treatment is for everybody, and there are contraindications for Botox so make sure to review health history and receive clearance from your provider before treatment. 

Once you get Botox done, you have to keep getting it done to maintain results.

Fact. The neurotoxin temporarily paralyzes the muscle for 3-4 months and then movement of the muscle returns. Now just because reapplication is necessary for results this should not be mistaken as, if you stop your wrinkles will be worse than before, it doesn’t work like that. Tip: Going in more frequently may result in less units each trip making your wallet happier than going in twice a year and getting a full dose each time. 

Botox is great for brow lifts.

Fiction. Botox can be great for brow lifts, but it is a very unpredictable treatment. As one provider I met said, “They can either go way up, or way down.” Being “spocked” or getting a hooded lid is a result of this, and it’s just not pretty. Still many people are gamblers when it comes to this treatment and I haven’t seen too many spocks or cavemen brows resulting from it. It’s up to you now if you play it safe or like to gamble…

Botox is expensive.

Fact. Granted you can try and nickel and dime the unit system, you won’t be happy with your results. Also units are the form of measurement used for treatment and pricing. I have seen price range from $9.25 to $12.00 a unit. Average glabella (at $11) treatment is 20 units for a female. Total cost at the average $11: $220.00. Tip: Make sure your provider is utilizing the Brilliant Distinctions program. It is a reward program that gives you 200 points ($20) towards your next treatment. You’ll find everything counts with this treatment. 

You will look great getting just your forehead done.

Do it.

Fiction. Sure you could do it and many providers will but it’s not the best idea. Frontalis (forehead) needs glabella to support it. This is another way hooded brows can happen. Also imagine your forehead not able to move but the lines in between your eyebrows still mobile. It just doesn’t make sense! Now although frontalis needs glabella, the relationship is not mutual, glabella can be done just fine on its own.

Botox is more expensive than Dysport.

Fiction. Botox units are priced higher than Dysport but you use less of them. Dysport units are priced around $3-$4 but you need way more of them. It equals out. As far as quality goes, they are both wrinkle relaxers. Think of it like Pepsi and Cola, it’s preference. 

Botox is instant.

Anyone remember this scene?

Fiction. The results of Botox may take up two weeks. For me it takes about ten days for it to kick in. 

You can go back to work right after Botox.

Fact. You can go back to work right after but most people immediately after getting it done will have elevated points where the injection was made. Bruising may occur so it is recommended to not have caffeine within 24 hours, fish oil, Vitamin E, alcohol, aspirin…all of these can increase bleeding and/or bruising.

Well there we go, Botox for beginners. I hope this was helpful for those considering the treatment. 

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Is Botox Safe? Botox for Beginners
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