I'm Starting a Pescatarian Diet

This should be fun...?

Okay—first, a bit of background. All throughout my life, I've struggled with hormone problems. I was diagnosed with PCOS at fifteen. My weight fluctuated every season, and my face was an acne ridden mess. I was addicted to breads and dairy products. I love steaks. But, I've tried everything. I did the gallons of water, exercise, medicines, and more. Nothing worked. My weight still fluctuated, my face still housed acne. I hated it. At 25, I was 205 pounds (I'm 5'7). I was depressed and sad. So, I decided to get a personal trainer. I cut down on eating, I committed to the gallon of water a day, and I lost 30 pounds. Now, I'm 26 and just want to continue to be healthy. So, here I am.

The First Day

Oh, my God! The morning was okay. I've already given up pork, so not eating bacon or sausage was a piece of cake (which I could eat). I decided to eat some oatmeal and drink a protein shake. I ate some peanuts for a snack, because I became extremely hungry. I got off of work around 1pm (I work part time), and I craved a burger. I needed one. I went to Whataburger and stared gingerly at the menu. It took everything in me to not say, "—can I get a number one with only cheese and ketchup?" Then, I remembered that they had a fish sandwich! So, that's what I ordered. It was surprisingly good. My burger craving and my hunger was quenched and conquered in one visit. For dinner, I ate some salmon that I made on the grill. I went to sleep thinking, This is going to be easy!

The Second Day

For breakfast, I had blueberry oatmeal from Starbucks. I became hungry an hour afterwards, but I was on a roll at work and I waited. I forgot to eat lunch, but for dinner, I ate at Whataburger again. I know, I'm a terrible person. The fish sandwich was awesome. To make it "healthier," I omitted the cheese and put it on a wheat-bun. I was hungry right after, though. Fish did not satisfy like other meats do, and I found myself carb loading (I ate two bags of chips and a bowl of cereal). I still felt a light hunger, so I forced myself to sleep. I found I lost two pounds in two days. 

The Third Day

Everything became easier, because I fell into a sort of routine. For breakfast, I had some steel-cut oats. For lunch, I had a PB&J. For dinner, I had leftover salmon. I felt hungry all day. I tried to curb it with water, but it did not work. I began to ignore it, because I knew I would eat eventually. I did pee a lot, so that's good I guess. I went to sleep and dreamed of a chicken sandwich. Literally.

The Fourth Day: Today

I ate steel cut oats. I ate a PB&J. For dinner, I made Cajun Shrimp Po-Boys for my husband and step-son. They really enjoyed it. I ate a shrimp salad. I also ate more cereal. I am currently starving. I don't know what else to eat. This is getting boring. 

To conclude, this will be a hard transition. I will be looking up more ways to fill myself without trying to eat too many carbs. Red beans and rice is next on the menu. I am beginning to get used to the hungry feeling, though, so it's not as bad as it sounds. My skin is slightly clearing up, so that's a plus. A minus would be the fact that I burped earlier and tasted fish. It was weird. So, I'll keep you updated. Be on the lookout for part two.


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