I Haven’t Trained for​ Over a Year and I’m Still Snatched

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You read that right, Kiah Chism aka the trainer of the year according to her mama, hasn’t trained for over a year. To be specific, a year and approximately 7 months. If you follow me on Snap then you might be asking, “How she still got abs?”

Alright look, I haven’t trained for nearly two years but I have worked out and kept my body moving. And before you think I jipped you with the headline of this post, I promise there is a HUGE difference. Here’s some background before I tell you how I maintained a snatched physique without dying in the gym.

I’ve been an athlete for most of my life. From 3 to 20 I was in some sort of sport, competition, regimen, etc. My father even jokes that I ran before I learned how to walk (probably why I used to run my mouth so much). I would have practice at 5:30 AM, during lunch, during PE, after school, and then go home to perfect technique. I worked myself so hard my mom was concerned about the strength of my back because of my spinal correction. But to be honest, I didn’t have an issue with the amount of work I was putting in because I have a weird infatuation with enduring pain. On average, your girl was in a gym, on a court, or at a track six out of the seven days of the week. You can say that I took God seriously when it came to working for six and big chilling for one. I kept up this regimen all the way up until my 20th birthday… and then life hit. I felt like I was wearing myself as thin as Boohoo dresses! Eventually, the gym transformed from my main man to my homeboy I leave on read occasionally.

So when I graduated and my body was still pretty banging it hit me…

My body is the result of 17+ years of intense training and proper diet. I don’t HAVE to be She-Hulk if I don’t want to be. Instagram makes us think we have to go hard 100% of the time but, “some money is better than no money.” I got in lifts when I could fit them; I started doing HIIT at home some days, and now I’m really only consistent with yoga. On top of that, my diet is majority raw fruits and vegetables. Hence as to why these infamous abs of mine are holding on strong.

Now have I lost muscle? Yes! Have I put on some fat? Obviously! But between me walking, taking the stairs, and getting in my juices and berries, I think I’m looking but most importantly FEELING pretty dang good. I say all of the above to say, when you’re consistent and you go hard enough, you will get to a place where you just have to maintain! That applies to your health, your academics, your goals, etc. Then you’ll get to CHOOSE when it’s time elevate again. So will I be getting back on a strict training regimen? Yes, but only because I want to see how I can transform. I don’t regret these near two years “off” at all. I mean, I did steal a couple uncles in the process.

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Kiah Chism
Kiah Chism

I wrote my first short story in third grade. I titled it "Jude and The Hair Eating Forks" because my best friend1s was terrified of forks and I wanted him to feel better. I've been writing ever since.

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I Haven’t Trained for​ Over a Year and I’m Still Snatched
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